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Wrapper for the Soundcloud API with typings
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This is a wrapper for the Soundcloud API that includes typings and various utility functions to make getting tracks, users, and playlists easier! You can also download single tracks, or download tracks in mass programmatically.


npm install soundcloud.ts

Useful Links

Getting Started

Authenticating with your account is optional, but I still recommend it. If you don't authenticate, you won't be able to use private endpoints such as /me. Soundcloud has closed down their API applications, but you are still able to get your client id and oauth token by inspecting the network traffic.

  • Go to any track that has downloads enabled on Soundcloud, such as:
  • Open up the dev tools (Right click -> inspect) and go to the Network tab
  • Download the track (hamburger menu -> download file), and observe the network tab.
  • You will see something like &client_id="client id"&oauth_token="token", grab these credentials!

Searching for tracks and playlists

import Soundcloud from "soundcloud.ts"

async function useAPI() {
  /*Credentials are optional, a public client id will be used if they are omitted.*/
  const soundcloud = new Soundcloud(process.env.SOUNDCLOUD_CLIENT_ID, process.env.SOUNDCLOUD_OAUTH_TOKEN)

  /*You can get tracks by URL or ID (which can only be gotten from the API)*/
  const track = await soundcloud.tracks.get("")
  /*Worth to mention that you can omit the part.*/
  const trackShorthand = await soundcloud.tracks.get("imtenpi/snowflake")

  /*To get the ID with the url of a track/playlist/user, you can use the resolve endpoint.*/
  const id = await soundcloud.resolve.get("")

  /*You can search for tracks... with nothing?*/
  const randomSearch = await

  /*But more commonly, you will want to add parameters such as the search query.*/
  const search = await{q: "virtual riot"})

  /*You can also get the super secret token that is used on private tracks. Authentication required, 
  and only works with your own tracks.*/
  const secretToken = await soundcloud.tracks.secretToken("imtenpi/kudasai")

  /*Playlists are largely the same, you can use the get() and search() methods.*/
  const playlist = await soundcloud.playlists.get("")

Searching for users and comments

async function useAPI() {
  /*Users also have a get() and search() method.*/
  const user = await soundcloud.users.get("tenpimusic")
  const userSearch = await{q: "some user"})

  /*You can get the followers and following of a user.*/
  const following = await soundcloud.users.following("imtenpi")
  const followers = await soundcloud.users.followers("imtenpi")
  /*Favorite tracks too.*/
  const favorites = await soundcloud.users.favorites("imtenpi")

  /*The web profiles are the social links that show on the side of a user's profile*/
  const socialLinks = await soundcloud.users.webProfiles("imtenpi")

  /*It's very easy to get all of the comments on a track, or all of the comments by a user.*/
  const userComments = await soundcloud.users.comments("imtenpi")
  const trackComments = await soundcloud.tracks.comments("imtenpi/moonlight")

  /*And you can get a specific comment from its ID (must make an API call to get it).*/
  const comment = await soundcloud.comments.get(577904916)

Downloading and streaming tracks

async function useAPI() {
  /*If downloads aren't enabled, it will download the stream instead of the original file.*/
  await soundcloud.util.downloadTrack("imtenpi/snowflake", "./tracks")

  /*You can download multiple tracks by passing them as an array to downloadTracks(). The third
  parameter is the limit of tracks to download.*/
  const tracks = await{q: "cool track"})
  await soundcloud.util.downloadTracks(tracks, "./tracks", 10)

  /*In addition, there are a bunch of utilities that do the above automatically for convenience.*/
  await soundcloud.util.downloadSearch("virtual riot", "./tracks")
  await soundcloud.util.downloadFavorites("imtenpi", "./tracks")
  await soundcloud.util.downloadPlaylist("", "./tracks")

  /*streamTrack() will download the track and will return a stream.Readable automatically.*/
  const readableStream = await soundcloud.util.streamTrack("")

Other Endpoints

There are more less commonly used endpoints such as me, apps, and oembed. Refer to the SoundCloud API Documentation for their usage.

Common Types

export interface SoundCloudTrack {
    comment_count: number
    release: number | ""
    original_content_size: number
    track_type: SoundCloudTrackType | null
    original_format: string
    streamable: boolean
    download_url: string | null
    id: number
    state: "processing" | "failed" | "finished"
    last_modified: string
    favoritings_count: number
    kind: string
    purchase_url: string
    release_year: number | null
    sharing: string
    attachments_uri: string
    license: SoundCloudLicense
    user_id: number
    user_favorite: boolean
    waveform_url: string
    permalink: string
    permalink_url: string
    playback_count: number
    downloadable: boolean
    created_at: string
    description: string
    title: string
    duration: number
    artwork_url: string
    video_url: string | null
    tag_list: string
    release_month: number | null
    genre: string
    release_day: number | null
    reposts_count: number
    label_name: string | null
    commentable: boolean
    bpm: number | null
    policy: string
    key_signature: string
    isrc: string | null
    uri: string
    download_count: number
    likes_count: number
    purchase_title: string
    embeddable_by: string
    monetization_model: string
    user: SoundCloudUserMini
    user_playback_count: number | null
    stream_url: string
    label?: SoundCloudUserMini
    label_id: number | null
    asset_data?: string
    artwork_data?: string
export interface SoundCloudPlaylist {
    duration: number
    release_day: number | null
    permalink_url: string
    reposts_count: number
    genre: string | null
    permalink: string
    purchase_url: string | null
    release_month: number | null
    description: string | null
    uri: string
    label_name: string | null
    tag_list: string
    release_year: number | null
    secret_uri: string
    track_count: number
    user_id: number
    last_modified: string
    license: SoundCloudLicense
    tracks: SoundCloudTrack[]
    playlist_type: string | null
    id: number
    downloadable: boolean | null
    sharing: "private" | "public"
    secret_token?: string
    created_at: string
    release: number | null
    likes_count: number
    kind: "playlist"
    title: string
    type: string | null
    purchase_title: string | null
    artwork_url: string | null
    ean: string | null
    streamable: boolean
    user: SoundCloudUserMini
    embeddable_by: string
    label_id: string | null
export interface SoundCloudUser {
    kind: "user"
    id: number
    permalink: string
    subscriptions: []
    username: string
    uri: string
    permalink_url: string
    avatar_url: string
    country: string
    full_name: string
    city: string
    description: string
    discogs_name: string | null
    myspace_name: string | null
    website: string | null
    website_title: string
    online: boolean
    track_count: number
    playlist_count: number
    followers_count: number
    followings_count: number
    likes_count: number
    comments_count: number
    public_favorites_count: number
    avatar_data?: string
    quota?: {
        unlimited_upload_quota: boolean
        upload_seconds_used: number
        upload_seconds_left: number
    private_playlists_count?: number
    primary_email_confirmed?: boolean
    private_tracks_count?: number
    locale?: string
    last_modified: string
    first_name: string
    last_name: string
    reposts_count: number
    upload_seconds_left?: number
    plan: string

export interface SoundCloudComment {
    kind: "comment"
    id: number
    created_at: string
    user_id: number
    track_id: number
    timestamp: number
    body: string
    uri: string
    user: SoundCloudUserMini
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