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import discord
from discord.ext import commands, tasks
from library import exceptions, checks, statsposter
import psycopg2.extras
import psycopg2.sql
import pathlib
import inspect
import gettext
import builtins
import sentry_sdk.integrations.aiohttp
import logging
import os
import lavalink
import Pymoe
import gspread
from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials
import configparser
import signal
class Shiro(commands.AutoShardedBot):
def __init__(self):
super().__init__(command_prefix=self.get_prefix, case_insensitive=True, help_command=None, guild_subscriptions=False)
builtins.__dict__["_"] = self.translate
signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, self.shutdown)
self.db_connector, self.db_cursor, self.app_info, self.gspread, self.config = None, None, None, None, {}
self.sentry, self.lavalink, self.dbl, self.statposter, self.anilist = sentry_sdk, None, None, None, Pymoe.Anilist()
def get_config(self, option, key):
"""Get config value"""
env = "{0}_{1}".format(option.upper(), key.upper())
if os.environ.get(env):
return os.environ.get(env)
config = configparser.ConfigParser()"data/config.ini")
return config.get(option.capitalize(), key)
async def on_ready(self):
"""Get ready and start"""
self.app_info = await self.application_info()
activity = discord.Activity(type=discord.ActivityType.playing, name="Song Quiz 🎵")
await self.change_presence(activity=activity)"Ready to serve {len(self.users)} users in {len(self.guilds)} guilds")
def connect_optionals(self):
"""Prepare start"""
if self.config["sentry"].get("dsn"):
self.sentry.init(**self.config["sentry"], integrations=[self.sentry.integrations.aiohttp.AioHttpIntegration()])
if self.config["gspread"].get("type"):
scope = ["", ""]
credentials = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_dict(self.config["gspread"], scope)
self.gspread = gspread.authorize(credentials)
if self.config["botlist"].get("discordbots"):
self.statposter = statsposter.StatPoster(self)
def translate(self, string):
"""Translate string to language of ctx got from frame (commands only)"""
language = "en"
outer_frames = inspect.getouterframes(inspect.currentframe())
for frame in outer_frames:
arguments = inspect.getargvalues(frame.frame)
if "ctx" in arguments.locals:
if arguments.locals["ctx"].guild is not None:
guild_id = arguments.locals["ctx"]
language = self.get_guild_setting(guild_id, "language")
translation = gettext.translation("base", "locales/", [language], codeset="utf-8").gettext(string)
except FileNotFoundError as e:
translation = string
return translation
def shutdown(self):
"""Stops all processes running and the bot himself"""
embed = discord.Embed(color=10892179, title=_("\\❌ **Bot restart**"),
description=_("We have detected that you're currently running playback. We're sorry, but "
"we have to stop it because we're rolling out a new update. Shiro will be "
"back in a minute."))
for player in self.lavalink.players:
self.disconnect_database()"Shutting down")
def connect_database(self):
"""Establish connection to postgres database"""
self.db_connector = psycopg2.connect(**self.config["postgres"])
self.db_cursor = self.db_connector.cursor(cursor_factory=psycopg2.extras.DictCursor)
def disconnect_database(self):
"""Disconnect from database"""
if self.db_connector:
def database_commit(self, sql, variables=None):
"""Commit data to database"""
self.db_cursor.execute(sql, variables)
except psycopg2.DatabaseError:
def database_fetch(self, sql, variables=None):
"""Fetch data from database"""
self.db_cursor.execute(sql, variables)
except psycopg2.DatabaseError:
return self.db_cursor.fetchall()
def connect_lavalink(self):
"""Connect to lavalink server"""
self.lavalink = lavalink.Client(
def add_command_handlers(self):
"""Add global command checks and command invokes"""
def load_all_extensions(self):
"""Load all extensions from directory"""
extensions = [file.stem for file in pathlib.Path("extensions").glob("*.py")]
for extension in extensions:
def register_guild(self, guild_id):
"""Register guild to database if it is not already registered"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("INSERT INTO guilds (id) VALUES (%s) ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING")
self.database_commit(sql, [guild_id])
def unregister_guild(self, guild_id):
"""Unregister guild from database with all settings"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("DELETE FROM guilds WHERE id = %s")
self.database_commit(sql, [guild_id])
def create_tables(self):
"""Create tables if not exist from sql file"""
with open("data/schema.sql", "r", encoding="utf-8") as file:
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("shiro", self.config["postgres"]["user"]))
def update_guilds(self):
"""Add or remove guilds from database to prevent bugs"""
for guild in self.guilds:
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("SELECT id FROM guilds")
guild_ids = self.database_fetch(sql)
for guild_id in guild_ids:
if self.get_guild(guild_id["id"]) not in self.guilds:
def get_guild_setting(self, guild_id, setting):
"""Get guild setting from database"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("SELECT {} FROM guilds WHERE id = %s").format(psycopg2.sql.Identifier(setting))
return self.database_fetch(sql, [guild_id])[0][setting]
def set_guild_setting(self, guild_id, setting, value):
"""Set guild setting in database to specified value"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("UPDATE guilds SET {} = %s WHERE id = %s").format(psycopg2.sql.Identifier(setting))
self.database_commit(sql, [value, guild_id])
def get_random_songs(self, category, amount):
"""Get random songs from database"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("SELECT * FROM songs WHERE category = %s ORDER BY RANDOM() LIMIT %s")
return self.database_fetch(sql, [category, amount])
def get_choice_songs(self, category, exclusion):
"""Get songs to fill quiz with"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("SELECT * FROM songs WHERE category = %s AND url != %s ORDER BY RANDOM() LIMIT 4")
return self.database_fetch(sql, [category, exclusion])
def add_song(self, title, reference, url, category):
"""Add a song to the database"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("INSERT INTO songs (title, reference, url, category) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)")
self.database_commit(sql, [title, reference, url, category])
def get_song(self, song_id):
"""Get a song from database by id if exists"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("SELECT * FROM songs WHERE id = %s")
song = self.database_fetch(sql, [song_id])
return song[0] if song else None
def get_all_songs(self):
"""Get all songs from database in alphabetic order"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("SELECT * FROM songs ORDER BY category, reference, title")
return self.database_fetch(sql)
def edit_song(self, song_id, setting, value):
"""Edit a song entry in database"""
sql = psycopg2.sql.SQL("UPDATE songs SET {} = %s WHERE id = %s").format(psycopg2.sql.Identifier(setting))
self.database_commit(sql, [value, song_id])
async def delete_command(self, ctx):
"""Delete command if enabled in guild settings"""
if ctx.guild is not None:
if self.get_guild_setting(, "command_deletion") is True:
await ctx.message.delete()
except discord.HTTPException:
async def on_message(self, message):
"""Send help if bot is mentioned"""
if message.guild is None or
if message.content.startswith(
ctx = await self.get_context(message)
ctx.prefix = self.get_guild_setting(, "prefix")
ctx.command = self.get_command("help")
await self.invoke(ctx)
await self.process_commands(message)
async def get_prefix(self, message):
"""Return the prefix which the guild has set"""
if message.guild is not None and self.app_info is not None:
return self.get_guild_setting(, "prefix")
return "s."
async def on_guild_join(self, guild):
"""Add new guild to database on join"""
async def on_guild_remove(self, guild):
"""Remove guild from database on leave"""
async def on_command_error(self, ctx, error):
"""Catch errors on command execution"""
embed = discord.Embed(color=10892179, title=_("\\❌ **Error on command**"))
if ctx.command:
if isinstance(error, commands.MissingRequiredArgument):
embed.description = _("The command `{0}` is missing the `{1}`.").format(
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotInRange):
embed.description = _("The number `{0}` isn't allowed, it has to be in range {1}-{2}.").format(
error.argument, error.min_int, error.max_int)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotLengthStr):
embed.description = _("The argument `{0}` is too long. Maximum allowed characters are {1}.").format(
error.argument, error.max_len)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotPrefix):
embed.description = _("The prefix `{0}` isn't allowed, it has to be 1-10 characters long and can only "
"consist out of numbers and letters.").format(error.argument)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotBool):
embed.description = _("The value `{0}` isn't allowed, it has to be on or off.").format(error.argument)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotLanguage):
embed.description = _("The language `{0}` isn't a available language. Available languages: {1}").format(
error.argument, ", ".join(error.available_languages))
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotYoutubeURL):
embed.description = _("The url `{0}` isn't a valid YouTube url or it's geo restricted.").format(error.argument)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotSongID):
embed.description = _("The song id `{0}` isn't valid!").format(error.argument)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotCategory):
embed.description = _("`{0}` isn't a valid song category.")
elif isinstance(error, commands.BadUnionArgument):
converter_names = ", ".join([converter.__name__.lower() for converter in error.converters])
embed.description = _("The argument `{0}` in command `{1}` has to be one of these: {2}").format(, ctx.message.content, converter_names)
elif isinstance(error, (commands.ConversionError, commands.BadArgument)):
embed.description = _("A wrong argument were passed into the command `{0}`.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, commands.CommandNotFound):
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotTeam):
embed.description = _("The command `{0}` can only be executed by team "
"members on this server.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, commands.NotOwner):
embed.description = _("The command `{0}` can only be executed by {1} on this server.")
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotGuildAdmin):
embed.description = _("The command `{0}` can only be executed by server admins.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotVoted):
embed.description = _("This command is only available for voters. Please [vote for free]({0}) "
"to support this bot!").format("")
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NoVoice):
embed.description = _("To use the command `{0}` you have to be in an voice channel (not afk). "
"Also, the bot can't serve multiple channels.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NoPlayer):
embed.description = _("There's no playback to stop.")
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.NotRequester):
embed.description = _("Only the user who started the playback or an admin can stop it.")
elif isinstance(error, exceptions.SpecificChannelOnly):
embed.description = _("On this server commands can only be executed in channel {0}.").format(
elif isinstance(error, commands.BotMissingPermissions):
embed.description = _("The bot is missing permissions to execute commands, please grant: `{0}`").format(
", ".join(error.missing_perms))
elif isinstance(error, commands.CheckFailure):
embed.description = _("You're lacking permission to execute command `{0}`.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, commands.ExpectedClosingQuoteError):
embed.description = _("You messed up quotation on `{0}`. If you use `\"`, you have to close it. If you "
"want to use it as an input, escape it with `\\`.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, commands.InvalidEndOfQuotedStringError):
embed.description = _("You messed up quotation on `{0}`. You have to separate the quoted arguments "
"with spaces.").format(ctx.message.content)
elif isinstance(error, commands.CommandOnCooldown):
embed.description = _("Command on cooldown! Try again in {0} seconds.").format(int(error.retry_after))
elif isinstance(error, commands.DisabledCommand):
embed.description = _("All commands have been disabled because of a bot update. We'll be back in "
"about 5 minutes. Please be patient.")
elif isinstance(error, discord.NotFound):
embed.description = _("Looks like the bot didn't found what it was looking for.")
elif isinstance(error, discord.Forbidden):
embed.description = _("Looks like you removed permissions of the bot while it was executing a command.")
embed.description = _("An unknown error occurred on command `{0}`. We're going to fix that soon!").format(
if not isinstance(error, commands.BotMissingPermissions):
await self.delete_command(ctx)
await ctx.send(embed=embed)
elif (isinstance(error, commands.BotMissingPermissions) and "send_messages" not in error.missing_perms) or \
(isinstance(error, commands.BotMissingPermissions) and "embed_links" not in error.missing_perms):
await ctx.send(embed=embed)
async def update_songs_list(self):
"""Dump all songs in database to google sheet"""
songs = self.get_all_songs()
sheet ="Shiro's Songs")
formatted = []
for song in songs:
formatted.append([song["id"], song["title"], song["reference"], song["url"],
song["category"], song["updated"].strftime("%d. %B %Y - %H:%M:%S")])
sheet.sheet1.resize(len(formatted) + 1)
sheet.values_update("List!A2", params={"valueInputOption": "RAW"}, body={"values": formatted})
if __name__ == "__main__":
shiro = Shiro()"discord", "token"))
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