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All commands can be invoked using the prefix s. e.g. If you've changed and forgot it, you can type @Shiro in the server to get the default help message send privately. You can also access commands using aliases. You can lookup them from the tables below. Also, all commands are case-insensitive, but prefixes aren't.

General module

Command Aliases Description
Help ?, Cmd, Cmds, Command, Commands The help commands sends you a private message containing all commands you can execute with a brief description.
Info Information, About, Credits, Spinne, Shiro This command shows information about the bot. Also, you can find links to e.g. our support server here.
Stats Status List up stats like vote or server count.
Oprequest Openingrequest, Openingreq, Opreq Request an opening for the song quiz. You have to enter title, anime and a YouTube url.
Edrequest Endingrequest, Endingreq, Edreq Request an ending for the song quiz. (Same usage as oprequest).
Ostrequest Ostreq Request a soundtrack for the song quiz. (Same usage as oprequest).

Songs module

Command Aliases Description
Opquiz Openingquiz, Openings, Op, Ops, Play, P Start the opening quiz with a specified amount of rounds (defaults to 10). Then you can guess each round the currently playing quiz by adding reactions.
Edquiz Endingquiz, Endings, Ed, Eds Same as the opening quiz just with endings.
Ostquiz Ost, Osts, Soundtrack, Soundtracks Same as the opening quiz just with soundtracks.
Stop End, Skip, Forceskip, Reduce, Leave End the current playback. If a quiz is running, it will stop after the current song.

Settings module

Only accessible for server admins and owners.

Command Aliases Description
Prefix Setprefix Change the server prefix (only ASCII character allowed). If you forget it, use @Shiro in the server.
Deletion Setdeletion, Cmddel, Commanddeletion, Invocationdeletion Enable command invocation deletion. This will require the bot to have Manage Messages.
Channel Setchannel, Channelonly, Onechannel, Restrict, Restrictchannel Set a channel in which command are enabled only.
Language Setlanguage, Lang Change the server language.
Config Configuration, Setting, Settings, Option, Options Display the current configuration of the server.

Utility module

Only accessible for team members.

Command Aliases Description
Search Song, Lookup Search for a song in the database. You can use titles, references, urls, categories or ids to search for.
Edittitle Changetitle, Etitle, Etit Change the title of an existing song in the database.
Editreference Changereference, Ereference, Eref Change the reference of a song.
Editurl Changeurl, Eurl Change the YouTube url of a song.
Editcategory Changecategory, Ecategory, Ecat Change the category of a song. (Opening, Ending, OST)


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