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Legacy of the Wizard Randomizer v1.5.1
by: MrStarbird
Date: December 18, 2017
1. Version History
2. About the Legacy of the Wizard Randomizer
3. Features and Options
4. Known Issues
5. Thanks
1. Version History
Dec 18, 2017 - version 1.5.1

-Fixed bug where Xemn was always getting invulnerability during shuffle of invulnerability.
-Fixed bug where Crossbow had at chance of showing up in two chests and Glove not showing up at all (happened in about every 1 in 6 roms randomized).

Dec 6, 2017 - version 1.5.0

-Fixed Rom randomization so that the original doesn't have to be selected every time
-Added Batch Rom Generation
-Added Infinite Magic option
-Added Invulnerability and Rapid-Fire Randomization
-Added Portrait Teleport Shuffle
-Added Worzen-family sprite changes to Link's Awakening Spriteset
-Fixed Colors on White Mage for Final Fantasy spriteset

Nov 28, 2017 - version 1.4.0

-Redesigned UI, simplified it for easier loading and ease of access.
-Added Mode Presets
-Added Movement Speed Slider
-Added Final Fantasy Light Warriors Character Sprites
-Fixed major bug that forced Randomizer to close on completion. Users can now create multiple randomized roms without having to re-open the program

Nov 27, 2017 - version 1.3.1

-Fixed bug where the Shop at G-1 wasn't randomizing
-Fixed bug where treasures were not randomizing properly
-Upped the multiplier on enemy speed randomization
-Re-added the Enemy Sprite randomization

Nov 26, 2017 - version 1.3.0

-Added Pochi God-Mode Option
-Added Key Items Only treasure option
-Added Crystal Shops shop option
-Added Safe Stat Randomization
-Clarified Spoiler Locations

11/24/17 - version 1.2.2

-Fixed bug where enemy damage randomization was randomizing beyond the limits given.
-Fixed bug where enemy death animations were glitched when randomizing enemy stats.

11/23/17 - version 1.2.1

-Fixed bug where chosing the Legend of Zelda NES spritesheet would cause the game to crash on start.

11/22/17 - version 1.2.0

-Added Legend of Zelda and Link's Awakening Spritesets
-Added # of Shots randomization for character stats
-Added Shop spoilers to the Spoilers text file.
-Fixed treasure randomization so that the block items won't be in places the item is needed to access.
-Fixed shop randomization to remove chance of duplicate items in same shop.
-Re-enabled enemy HP randomization
-Fixed/balanced enemy stat randomization so that stats are scaled from original stat and not set at a certain number.
-Removed safety shops at the beginning areas. Was no longer needed with the treasure fix.
-Removed "Average Stats" option from Character Stats. 
-Cleaned up code.
-Slight UI changes.

11/8/2017 - version 1.0.1

-Fixed a bug where the Spoilers file was showing up blank.
-Fixed a bug where the randomizer crashed when trying to randomize equipment.
-Fixed a bug where the Bread Icon was not being represented.
-Re-enabled Pochi to be able to possibly use the Crown and Dragonslayer.

11/7/2017 - version 1.0

-Added option to change the entire dungeon layout to represent the MSX Version of the game.
-Changed Randomizer Layout Design to be a bit simpler.
-Flags now change upon changes in options, and options are now selected when Flags are entered and the "Flags" button is used.
-Added option to create a spoiler text file that shows what items are in each chest.
-Consolidated Enemy Stat randomization into one option
-Removed (for now) damage randomization for Enemy Stats
-Pochi can no longer get the Crown or Dragonslayer if Equipment is randomized.
-Rom file names now have the seed and flags automatically added to the end of the file name given.

4/27/2017 - version 0.7

-Added options to change Enemies' HP, Damage, and Speed.
-Added option to block the shortcut in Lyll's Area to prevent use of Pause-jumping to the area where the Crown is in original game. Adds a bit of challenge.
-Added option to randomize music in each zone.

4/19/2017 - version 0.61b

-Added a small "Sanity Check" for a chest in Meyna's area that is guarded by 3 powerful monsters, a ton of doors, and a spike. There is always a small chance that a crown could be in that chest and the three enemies that guard it are immune to damage until touched, and when touched deal 30 damage. This is way too difficult and can make a seed nearly unbeatable. By removing the spikes and replacing it with a solid block, it removes the need for wings at that spot and allows for you to hold onto a different item. This should balance the difficulty without too much change for now. This fix will most likely be temporary.

4/13/2017 - version 0.6b

-Added an option to randomize character equipment.
-Added Flags.
-Added Mouseover Tool tips.
-Cleaned up some code.
-Cleaned up the form a bit

4/11/2017 - version 0.51b

-Changed a value in the coding to (hopefully) remedy the graphical bug from the Randomize Enemy Group option.

4/10/2017 - version 0.5b

-Added options to Shuffle or Randomize Shops
-Added option to randomize enemy groups in each area
-Fixed a bug where the files were not saving as .nes by default
-Fixed a bug where treasures were not getting shuffled properly.

4/9/17 - version 0.41b

-Minor update to clean up code and form. Form is no longer resizable.
-Added a 2nd option for Half Bread, allowing for either double equipment OR extra money, keys, and scrolls.
-Gave myself credit on the form. (finally)

4/8/17 - version 0.4b

-Added a Seeding process. Not sure how perfect it will work but time will tell how buggy it is. As of now, it works from what I can see.
-Added a "Half Bread" option for Treasure randomization. This takes the same Vanilla chest list, cuts the amount of bread drops from 26 to 13, doubles the amount of equipments in chest, adds a 2nd Magic Potion and a 4th Elixir.
-Added two new stat changes. Not really randomized at all, more or less just stat mods. One to normalize all character stats (which makes each stat the average of all 5 characters) and another for "Super" stats (which basically gives Lyll's Jump/Distance and Xemn's Strength.
-Fixed a bug where Pochi's distance was not getting randomized properly and was always ending up at 8.

4/6/17 - version 0.3b

-Added a process that creates a new copy from the original file and writes to the copy.
-Added a rom validation check
-Added a "Shuffle" feature which takes the vanilla chest contents and shuffles them around. This means that the Crowns can be located in any chest. Removed 1 Spike Boot from the list and replaced it with a Dragon Shield. The Dragonslayer is still in the same spot.
-Changed 3 shops in the game: The Home Shop, the Shop to the far right of the top row in Level 1, and the Hidden Shop above the Dragon Portrait. The Home shop contains the Mattock and Power Glove, the Level 1 Shop contains the Wings and Spring Shoes, and the Hidden Shop contains the Crossbow and Key Stick. Each item sells for 70 Gold and are there because those are technically all the "required" items needed to get through all dungeons completely. With those shops, there should be no instances of being unable to finish the game.
2. About the Legacy of the Wizard Randomizer
The LotW Randomizer was designed to change the game so that it would feel like a different game every time you played it.

Before installing the program, UNINSTALL any previous versions of the randomizer that you may have. This should solve a majority of compatibility issues.

Select your original file, select your save path, enter your seed (optional) and then select your options or presets. When you're ready, press the "Randomize Rom(s)" button you will be given as many randomized roms as the number beside the button (up to 10).
3. Features and Options
By mousing over each option, you can see a "brief" tooltip about what the option does and any notes or issues about said option.

Treasure Randomization:
Treasures in the game can be completely randomized or shuffled. The process first chooses the Mattock, Glove, or Crossbow and puts them into a "Safe Zone", which is in any room that can be accessed without any added block-breaking, height-gaining items, or pause-jumping. The game then throws the other 2 block items, the Wings, Magic Key, and Spring shoes into other chests. Then, depending on whether you shuffle or completely randomize, will fill the rest of the chests accordingly. The Dragonslayer is still in the same spot. Also, there is one less bread in all shuffles and the Dragon Shield is added.

Shop Randomization:
Just like treasures, shops can have a randomized inventory and prices, or the shops can be shuffled around to be in different spots. Randomized prices will always be in a multipe of 5. 

Character Randomization:
Each Character can have stat changes given to them for Jump, Strength, Distance, and # of Shots. These can be randomized or everybody can be given the best stats of each character. There is a seperate safety option to allow the character with the Mattock to have a Jump stat of 26. Pochi will always have invulnerability and rapid fire, something that cannot be changed.

You can also choose to shuffle the Invulnerability and Rapid Fire options that Pochi normally has. If you select this AND equipment randomization, Pochi will also have a chance of being able to use a block-moving item.

Movement Speed:
Users can choose to give their characters a higher movement speed. 1 is the default speed, 5 is like having Scroll Speed 4 permanently. Scrolls will only add to the speed if they would give you faster speed than you currently are. For instance, with a movement speed of 2, one scroll will not increase your speed, but two will.

Enemy Randomization:
Enemy Health, Speed, and Damage can be randomized, scaling up or down by about 50%.

Equipment Randomization:
What items a character can use can be randomized. To keep from any softlock potential, one character will be given a Mattock/Jump Shoe (or Wing) combo, one a Crossbow/Wing combo, and one a Glove. Only one person will be given use of the Crown and Dragonslayer. Pochi cannot use the Crossbow, Mattock, or Glove.

Music Randomization:
Though still in early stages, each section of the game gets a different music track. It is designed to be on a per-area basis, but sometimes each section will get a different track by accident. This is still being worked on, but should still work alright.

MSX-Style Dungeon:
The game's dungeon can be altered to completely to (somewhat) match the style used in the original MSX version of the game. Treasures are different and boxes can be in different locations. Many of the sections have completely different designs. Overall, this form of the dungeon is a LOT harder.

Portrait Shuffle:
Where the portals take you from the portraits can be shufffled. 

Sprite sets:
For cosmetic purposes, the character, item, and enemy sprites can be changed to either the original Legend of Zelda or to Link's Awakening. There is also a Character-only option which allows the user to play as the Light Warriors from Final Fantasy.

God-Mode Pochi Option:
There is an option that allows Pochi to use all items as well as give him 3 Power, 26 Jump, and 32 Distance. This is a good option for anybody who wants to explore the dungeon and solve the intricate puzzles without the fear of monsters killing them, or for anybody who just wants to mess around with the game.

Infinite Magic:
Users can choose to have an unlimited supply of Magic.

Challenge Options:
There are two options that give the game extra challenges. Under the treasure options, there is the option to put only one of each key item (Mattock, Crossbow, Glove, Magic Key, Wings, Spring Shoes) in the chests witht he rest containing Bread, Magic, Keys, Money, Scrolls, Rings, Crosses, and even Poison. Under shop options, you can also change it so that all shops carry only Crystals and they are each sold for 50 Gold.

Clicking on a preset, flags and options are automatically selected. Options can still be chosen after the preset is selected. Nothing is final until you click on the Randomize button.
4. Known Issues
-There is a slight possibility that the randomizer could give different outcomes and still have the same seed and flags if two different people use it. This most likely is an issue with different versions of the .NET Framework.
-There may be possible scenarios where a Portrait Shuffle could cause a loop that is inescapable and would create a situation where you would have to die in order to return (thus possibly losing the Dragonslayer). If you see this situation, please inform me with the portrait locations and where the portraits lead to.
5. Thanks
THANKS: Big Thanks goes to NetBrian for finding many of the values needed to make this randomizer possible.

Special Thanks goes to DarkwingDuckSDA, deranged_squirrel_fighter, PanzerDave, EunosXX, DragonarchSDA, and many others of the Randomizer Central community for offering to test and play the randomizer. The feedback is greatly appreciated!

VERY Special Thanks to Serria for putting up with me banging my head against my computer trying to figure out how to get a program to do what I (think I) want it to.