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Project Red is a mod written for Forge Multipart. It brings vastly improved redstone control to Minecraft via compact wiring and integrated logic gates.

CB’s policy for requesting new gates:

For anyone wanting a new logic gate. Here's my proposal.

  1. It needs to have a purpose. You will need to provide examples of where this gate will be useful.
  2. It needs to be something that cannot be constructed in 3 existing gates or less.
  3. You must completely describe how it will function.

As an example, here's the RS latch. The gate has inputs on the left and right, outputs on the top and bottom. When you activate the left or right input, it switches into that state. When in the right state, the top output is on, when in the left state, the bottom output is on. It will also output from the input sides based on state. If both inputs are turned on, the gate should deactivate until they are both turned off. If both sides are turned off at the exact same time, it will pick a random state. It can be flipped with the screwdriver. It also has a second screwdriver mode where the inputs do not get powered based on state.

While the RS latch could technically be made with 2 NOT/NOR gates, it is a very fundamental logic circuit. Additionally, having only a two tick delay, instead of a 4 tick is quite useful.

Should you be able to describe your proposed gate in this format, create a feature request on the GitHub repo for ProjectRed. MrTJP and I will be notified and will be able to provide you feedback on your proposal.


Setup is slightly different depending on what system and IDE you use. This assumes you know how to run gradle commands on your system. The base command, ./gradlew being used below is for Linux or Unix based systems. For windows, this would simply change to gradlew. Of course, if you dont need to use the wrapper (as in, you have gradle installed on your system), you can simply go right to gradle.

  1. Clone repository to empty folder.
  2. Cd to the repository (folder where src and resources are located).
  3. Run ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace to set up an environment.
  4. Run ./gradlew eclipse or ./gradlew idea appropriately.
  5. Open your IDE using the generated files (i.e., for IDEA, a ProjectRed.ipr is generated in ./)
  6. Edit, run, and debug your new code.
  7. Once its bug free and working, you may submit it as a PR to the main repo.


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