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A Minecraft Forge mod all about Redstone circuity.

Release Branch MC Version Status
publish/1.16/release 1.16.5 badge
publish/1.16/beta 1.16.5 badge
publish/1.15/beta 1.15.2 badge

Development Environment Setup

Project Red uses a standard Forge Gradle environment. Setup steps should be the same as most other mods:

  1. Create a new folder and check out the repository:

    mkdir ~/projectred && cd ~/projectred
    git checkout .
  2. Setup a new workspace with a decompiled copy of Minecraft:

    ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
  3. You can now either set up Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea as your IDE.

    For Eclipse:

    • Generate an Eclipse project with ./gradlew eclipse
    • Import the generated project with File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace

    For Intellij Idea:

    • Open IntelliJ and from the splash screen, select Import Project
    • Point IntelliJ to the ./build.gradle file in the git repo
    • Close IntelliJ and run ./gradlew genIntellijRuns to complete setup
  4. If you'd like to contribute changes, you'll need to create your own fork of ProjectRed, push your changes, and then open a Pull Request for review.

Building Locally

You can build a locally checked out copy of the repository by simply running:

./gradlew build

The built jars will be found in ./build/libs.