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Code for provisioning a HA Gitlab installation in Kubernetes on AWS
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Gitlab on Kubernetes on AWS - with High Availability

This is the source code for the "Gitlab on Kubernetes + AWS" blog post. If you have a Kubernetes cluster on AWS (maybe created by Kops), this will allow you to create a highly available Gitlab installation, leveraging two AWS managed services: EFS and RDS.



You WILL be charged by AWS for the resources created by this code. If you are just testing, the charges should be minimal, but neither Oxalide nor the maintainers of this code are responsible for your incurred costs.

The code assumes an AWS region with 3 AZ, just delete the code for AZ c if you don't need it.


As described in the blog post, you need to import the existing AWS VPC and subnets used by your K8s cluster in Terraform:

terraform import aws_vpc.kops_vpc vpc-xxxxxx
terraform import aws_subnet.kops_suba subnet-xxxxxx
terraform import aws_subnet.kops_subb subnet-xxxxxx
terraform import aws_subnet.kops_subc subnet-xxxxxx

Once imported, edit the terraform/ file to fill the correct values for your use case (look for TO_CHANGE comments). You will also need to change the PostgreSQL password in the terraform/ file.

When everything is ready, you can create the resources by runnning:

terraform plan
terraform apply

Terraform will output the PostgreSQL server address and the EFS endpoints. Note them somewhere.


You will need to edit the following files with your values:

  • kubernetes/pv.yml for the EFS endpoints,
  • kubernetes/secrets.yml with your base64 encoded secrets (including the PostgreSQL password),
  • kubernetes/gitlab.yml with the PostgreSQL endpoint.

When everything is ready, create all the resources by running:

kubectl apply -f pv.yml \
    -f secrets.yml \
    -f redis.yml \
    -f gitlab-pvc.yml \
    -f gitlab.yml \
    -f gitlab-svc.yml

Gitlab will be available through an ELB created by gitlab-svc.yml. The address of this ELB will be available by running the following command:

kubectl describe service gitlab
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