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Extensible and automated local Rancher environments using Vagrant
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Extensible and automated local Rancher environments using Vagrant


git clone
cd rancher-vagrant
vagrant up

Assuming the defaults, browse to to access your Rancher server.


You can configure the environment by setting up a custom config.rb file in the root of the repository. The available configuration options to you are displayed below:

Item Type Required Default Description
$box string false rancherio/rancheros Vagrant box to use for the environment
$box_url string false nil URL to download the box
$box_version string false nil Version of the box to download
$disable_folder_sync bool false true Disable syncing the current working directory to "/vagrant" on the guest
$ip_prefix string false 192.168.33 Prefix for all IPs assigned to the guests
$rancher_version string false latest Version of Rancher to deploy
$boxes array true [] List of boxes (see Boxes table below)


Item Type Required Default Description
name string true Base name of the box
count string false 1 Number of guests to create with this config
role string false agent Role of the box (either "server" or "agent", at least one "server" must be specified)
memory string false 512 Amount of memory to dedicate to the box (for RancherOS, at least 512 is recommended)
ip string false IP address to assign to the box (typically best to leave this alone)
install_agent bool false true if role==agent, false if role==server Whether or not to run the Rancher agent on the guest
project string false nil Name of the Rancher project or environment to place the box in
project_type string false cattle Type of project to for the Rancher environment (cattle, swarm, kubernetes)
server string false Hostname or IP address of the Rancher server to join


See config_sample.rb

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