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Hands On Rancher

Cattle demo

To create a Rancher/Cattle environment, follow those instructions:

make up-server
make up-rancher

This will create one rancher server, accessible on, and 3 cattle nodes.

Creating an ElasticSearch cluster

  • Go to
  • Click on the "Elasticsearch" (not Elasticsearch 2.x) item, and create a stack.
  • Go on the "elasticsearch" stack's page that is being created, add a new load-balancer service:
    • Click on the little arrow next to "Add Service" and choose "Add Load Balancer",
    • Give it a name,
    • In the "Listening Ports" part of the form, write "9200" for both the "Source IP/Port" and "Default Target Port",
    • Choose "elasticsearch-masters" as target service.
  • Go back to the "elasticsearch" stack's page and click on the little "i" next to your load-balancer's name. When it is ready, you will get your ElasticSearch endpoint.
  • On Rancher, go to the "kopf" service page and find on which IP it is listening.
  • Go to Kopf to see your cluster.

Injecting Data in the cluster

To inject test data in the ElasticSearch cluster, simply run:

docker run --rm mrtrustor/es-injection --es-url='http://my_endpoint:9200/' --num_of_replicas=2
  • On Kopf, you will see that an index is created with some documents.
  • The cluster is now yellow, because it can't allocate some replicas.
  • On the "elasticsearch-datanodes" service page, scale to 3 and watch your cluster going green again.

Rancher catalog

You can create your own catalog in Rancher.

  • Create a new public git repository (Github will do),
  • Copy the content of the rancher-catalog directory in your new repository, commit it and push it,
  • On, you can add the URL (HTTP or HTTPS) for your new catalog,
  • It should appear in the catalog tab,
  • You can now deploy your own Wordpress (get the endpoint in the wp-endpoint service).

Updating a catalog item

You may have seen that the Wordpress you deployed is not up to date. You can create a new version of your product in the catalog.

  • In the templates/mtrustor-wordpress directory, execute cp -a 0 1,
  • In the 1 directory, change the Docker image used for wordpress and the product version,
  • In the config.yml file, change the default product version,
  • Commit and push,
  • In Rancher, reload your catalog,
  • On your wordpress stack, an "upgrade" button should appear: click it and wait for your wordpress to be upgraded.


Rancher can manage multiple orchestration clusters at once. It can manage Cattle, Swarm, Kubernetes and Mesos clusters. To create a Kubernetes cluster, do the following:

  • In Rancher, on the "Default" tab, click on "Manage Environments",
  • Add an environment with Kubernetes as orchestrator and "kubedemo" as name,
  • Execute make up-kubernetes and watch your K8s cluster being provisionned,
  • You can take a look at the existing catalog and see what services the community has already provided.
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