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Simple, fast and efficient Spotify AdBlocker for Linux and Windows users.
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Spotify AdBlocker for Linux & Windows

This script must be running as root OR with "sudo" command / Run As Administrator for Windows.

How to use?

Linux Remember: You must run it with Python 3, with Python 2 you will get unsupported operating system.

# First you need to download this script. Using this command
$ git clone
# Then go into the folder
$ cd Spotify-AdBlocker
# And the last step
$ sudo python3


# Download and Install Python 3(if you don't have it already)
# Download the project using the Download button from GitHub.
# Open CMD or PowerShell as Administrator
# Go into the folder where is the project located
# Use the command:
$ python

Which linux distro should I use?

I tested this script on Linux Mint, but will also work without errors on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora.

Update 06.03.2019

  • Added suport for Windows.

That's all. Simple, fast and efficient.

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