Installing Required Additional Software

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The Raspbian image used in this project is RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL dated 2016-09-23. The version of Python used for this project is Python 3.4.2 or greater. 3.4.2 is the version included with the RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL dated 2016-09-23 image.

Make sure that you enable i2c support in the raspbian configuration

This project requires the installation of some additional software as listed below.

If you are not going to use a touch screen, you may install Kivy on your PC by following the instructions on the Kivy site.

Python Module Pi3 Controller Installation Instructions
ZeroMQ Robot
Message Pack Robot sudo pip3 install u-msgpack-python
pigpio (Version 56 or greater) Robot
python-lunch process launcher Robot sudo apt-get install python-lunch
Kivy Touch Screen
Kivy For Desktop (make sure to install for Python 3)