BeagleBone Bridge

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The BeagleBone Black Bridge is used to connect a BeagleBone Black board to the Xideco network. Each BeagleBone Black board will have its own associated BeagleBone Black Bridge.

Before using the BeagleBone Bridge, you will need to install and configure the necessary components on your BeagleBone Black.

The command to start the BeagleBone Black Bridge is:

sudo xibb

You must run with root privileges. Command line options are:

sudo xibb -h


optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BOARD_NUMBER       Board Number - 1 through 10
  -p POLARITY           Servo polarity: p or n
  -r ROUTER_IP_ADDRESS  Router IP Address


For distance measurement on the BeagleBone Black, a GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared sensor is used instead of an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. The sensor is configured using the Sonar selection under the Digital Pin Selection block, but an Analog Input pin must be specified. To read the distance, use the Read Analog block for the pin specified. For a wiring diagram look here.

Development was accomplished using the 2015-11-12 Debian 7.9 image. The 8.3 image and the device trees are not setup correctly for PWM.

Supported Pins:


  • P9_11, P9_12, P9_13, P9_14, P9_15, P9_16, P9_17, P9_18, P9_21, P9_22, P9_23, P9_24, P9_25, P9_26,

  • P9_27, P9_29, P9_30, P9_31, P9_41, P9_42

  • P8_7, P8_8, P8_9, P8_10, P8_11, P8_12, P8_13, P8_14, P8_15, P8_16, P8_17, P8_18, P8-19, P8-26

PWM / Servo

  • P9_14, P9_16, P9_21, P9_22, P9_42, P8_13, P8_19


  • P9_33, P9_35, P9_36, P9_37, P9_38, P9_39, P9_40