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Commits on May 13, 2010
  1. Support the new addons manager.

Commits on May 11, 2010
  1. @arantius
  2. @arantius
  3. @erikvold
Commits on May 10, 2010
  1. @arantius

    Script sorting.

    arantius authored
  2. @arantius
  3. @arantius

    Use an "observer" to keep the list of scripts in the addons dialog in…

    arantius authored
    … sync with any changes.
    Author: Erik Vold <>
  4. @arantius

    * Bugfix compatibility with Stylish.

    arantius authored
    * Handle finding selected script when none is selected.
    * Clean up some code style (spaces around operators).
Commits on May 8, 2010
  1. @arantius
  2. @arantius
  3. @arantius
  4. @arantius


    arantius authored
  5. @arantius

    Remove unused/barely used code.

    arantius authored arantius committed
  6. @arantius
  7. @arantius
  8. @arantius

    basic editor picker

    arantius authored
  9. @arantius

    basic editor picker

    arantius authored
  10. @arantius

    Re-group, separate, logical bits in miscapis.js.

    arantius authored
    Migrate stored values when name/namespace changes.
  11. @arantius
  12. @arantius

    Apply GM_ prefix to functions missing it.

    arantius authored
    When GM_getContents() can't open a file, log an error about which file it is (and fail silently).
  13. @arantius
  14. @arantius

    Inside component initScripts():

    arantius authored
    * Don't instantiate a second Config
    * Use a positive pref name to avoid double-negative.
  15. @arantius
  16. @arantius

    Make a Script know how to update itself (rather than Config know how …

    arantius authored
    …to update a script).
    Fix up ScriptDownloader to be scoped in a cleanly accessible way.
  17. @arantius
  18. @arantius
  19. @arantius
  20. @arantius
  21. @arantius
  22. @arantius
  23. @erikvold @arantius

    another small correction to c1c19f04b18b9db7b09f1bdf8dc4e8f0a56d95c4,…

    erikvold authored arantius committed
    … now ignoring non @unwrap header's if they have no value, as before.
  24. @erikvold @arantius

    adding a hidden greasemonkey.disableLiveEditing about:config setting …

    erikvold authored arantius committed
    …for gurus to disable/enable the live editing feature being introduced in this branch (for issue 1092).
  25. @erikvold @arantius

    correction for last commit, only considering @unwrap if value does no…

    erikvold authored arantius committed
    …t exist, for backwards compliance.
  26. @erikvold @arantius

    Reading the @unwrap meta block key when updating user scripts; also m…

    erikvold authored arantius committed
    …ade another minor change, removing an unnecessary if statement while parsing a meta block.
  27. @erikvold @arantius

    minor reorganization, locally scoped a variable, and added a GM_log m…

    erikvold authored arantius committed
    …sg when saving the config.xml file.
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