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GitHosting License

License Codacy Badge FOSSA Status

This script scans every repo of a user (on GitHub Bitbucket or other providers available) for a license file, downloads a license to the project folder, adds a license badge in the readme of the project and include git hooks to check if your project has one.

Remember, without a license file your project is proprietary even if it is on GitHub!


pip3 install gh-license

In case of a git clone:

pip3 install -e ./folder-of-the-repo

Info: This overwrites the init.templatedir global git config after creating a backup of the current value in ~/.gh-license/config.ini with the key templatedir in section main.
The installed git template contains a hook that will be installed every time you run git init. The hook reminds you to install a license if you ever forget, and disables itself after adding one.


gh-license --scan Mte90

With this command you will get a report in a file called Mte90-github-license-report

gh-license --scan Mte90 --provider bitbucket

With this command you will get a report in a file called Mte90-bitbucket-license-report

gh-license --scan Mte90 --report my-report

With this command you will get a report in a file called my-report

gh-license --licenselist

With this command will be showed the licenses avalaible

gh-license --license GPLv3

With this command, a GPLv3 license will be downloaded, a shields will be added in the readme and if Git is available a commit will be added and the changes will be pushed to the repo.

gh-license --license GPLv3 -- origin upstream

With this command the commit will be pushed on the upstream origin

Example of output

FOSSA Status

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