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GlotDict extension implements many new features to improve the quality of translation and speed up the process on, where users can translate plugins, themes, WordPress itself and other related projects.

PS: If you are using NoScript or Privacy Badger enable domain or else the extension will not work!


  • Checks for:
    • missing glossary terms
    • missing start capitalization
    • missing start and end space
    • missing end hellip
    • missing end symbols ; . ! : 、。؟ ?
    • straight single ' or double quote " usage
  • Highlights non-breaking-spaces
  • Review translations button to show and count warnings
  • Links Glossary terms to Consistency tool
  • Autoloads Consistency suggestions in the editor
  • Easy insertion of non-translatable items
  • Bulk Actions in the footer
  • Auto-save after "Copy from Original" bulk action.
  • Link and scroll to locale button for the Translation Global Status
  • Right column with quick Approve/Reject/Fuzzy buttons
  • Character and Word counts in Meta panel
  • Localized dates in the Meta panel
  • QuickLinks in Meta menu - open or copy link
  • Optional sticky header
  • Marks older than 6 months strings - black border
  • Notices counts for Approved, Rejected, Fuzzied, Submitted and Selected rows
  • Daily update of the list of locales
  • Anonymous author search filter
  • Dropdown Pagination
  • Custom Style Guide link
  • Many hotkeys and shortcuts


Action Hotkey
Add Glossary definition in the translation area Right click on a Glossary term
Add non-breaking spaces near symbols Ctrl+Shift+X
Approve Ctrl+Shift+A
Cancel Ctrl+Shift+Z
Copy from original Ctrl+Shift+B
Dismiss validation warnings for the current visible editor Ctrl+D
Dismiss all validation warnings Ctrl+Shift+D
Force suggest or Force save translation Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Fuzzy Ctrl+Shift+F
Load all consistency suggestions Alt+C
Open next string editor Page Down
Open previous string editor Page Up
Reject Ctrl+Shift+R
Suggest or Save translation Ctrl+Enter


  • Don’t validate strings ending with ..., ., :
  • Don’t validate strings ending with ;.!:、。؟?!
  • Don’t show a warning when the translation doesn't contain an initial uppercase letter when the original string starts with one.
  • Don’t show a warning when the translation is missing a glossary term.
  • Don’t visualize non-breaking-spaces in preview.
  • Hide warning for initial space in translation.
  • Hide warning for trailing space in translation.
  • Show a warning for missing curly apostrophe in preview.
  • Show a warning for using non-typographic quotes in preview (except for HTML attributes quotes).
  • Auto-submit the Copy From Original Bulk Action (Warning: When enabled will submit all originals).
  • Auto-copy original to clipboard on editor opening.
  • Don’t validate strings during "Copy From Original" Bulk Action to bypass validation. (Warning: When enabled will submit originals with Glossary terms or other warnings.)


Spell Checking?

If you are looking for spell checking we recommend Grammarly and LanguageTool as they both provide browser extensions for spelling and grammar checking.

Update times and release

When the developers of the extension think that a new release is ready and tested, they create a new release and publish it on Firefox and Chrome addons stores. Then, we have to wait a few hours for Chrome and Firefox. After that, all installations will be updated automatically.

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