Script to generate a codeception.yml file with VVV datas
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#VVV-Codeception License

#How Works This script use Variable-VVV to get the path of the local Varying Vagrant Vagrants installation.
After that auto install WP-Browser addon for codeception with all the dependencies (codeception itself) with composer.
Finally generate the codeception configuration file and tests.
The codeception.yml file is filled with the standard db and wp user admin configuration of VVV, the db used is the wordpress_unit_tests and as localhost use the ip address of the machine (in this way use the db of VVV but the power of the host machine).
Also the site url (is extracted from the path) and for the plugin use the plugin name where that script is called.

#How to use Call the script in a path like that: /where-is-vvv/VVV/www/your-website/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/your-plugin

#Try Codeception To try Codeception on WordPress take a look on idlikethis that is an plugin example.

##Install Place this script where you want (/usr/local/bin on Linux) and remember to add the executable permission (chmod +x).

cd /tmp
git clone
chmod +x ./VVV-Codeception/vvv-codecept.php
mv ./VVV-Codeception/vvv-codecept.php /usr/local/bin/vvv-codecept
rm -r ./VVV-Codeception