Curated list that contain code, snippets or examples without libraries or external packages for developers.
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Awesome WordPress Developer Tips

Curated list that contain very awesome and ready code, snippets or examples without libraries or external packages made it for developers.


This list is born from a real workflow in my development in WordPress, sometimes you don't need or not exist a library that do a specific stuff very well with a real case to study.
When i need something like that I search for other plugins that do that stuff to study and replicate, better if possible. For that reason I remember many plugins what they do and I search for recreate the same UX/UI. This list infact contain reference to plugins or docs but not to tutorials.
In this way is possible see in action, also the workaround used, and more important a case study.
In few words this is a list for skilled WordPress developers that want a simple way to found specific code (in the mainly case how use a specific hook).

PS: Part * is used because sometimes the code is splitted (maybe an hook declaration and a function).
PSS: Sometimes the code can be in the wrong line because the line is changed, search in the linked page or open a ticket to fix that list.


Table of Contents



JSON REST API official

  • Add meta field on v1 and v2 in readonly - Code from DaTask plugin: Part 1
  • Extend WP Rest API v2 - Demo Plugin by Pete Nelson

External plugin

  • Support for BadgeOS trigger - Code from DaTask plugin: Part 1




Other lists



To the extent possible under law, Daniele Scasciafratte has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.