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#check other alias on
name = Daniele Scasciafratte
email =
# This is recommended, as it make easier to recover deleted branches
# See
editor = vi -Nu NONE -c startinsert
# Treat spaces before tabs and all kinds of trailing whitespace as an error
# Changes in file permissions will be ignored: please use it!
filemode = false
autocrlf = input
default = current
helper = cache --timeout=36000
undo-commit = reset --soft HEAD^
clone = clone --recursive --template=/home/mte90/.git-templates
permission-reset = !git diff -p -R --no-color --no-ext-diff | grep -E \"^(diff|(old|new) mode)\" --color=never | git apply
rebase-last-ten = "!b=\"$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)\" ; h=\"$(git rev-parse $b)\" ; echo \"Current branch: $b $h\" ; c=\"$(git rev-parse $b~10)\" ; echo \"Recreating $b branch with initial commit $c ...\" ; git checkout --orphan new-start $c ; git commit -C $c ; git rebase --onto new-start $c $b ; git branch -d new-start ; git reflog expire --expire=now --all; git gc --prune=now"
# See here:
ff = only
# Force *all new* branches to automatically use rebase
# See here:
autosetuprebase = always
[branch "master"]
#Force *existing* branches to use rebase.
#See here:
rebase = true
[branch "develop"]
#Force *existing* branches to use rebase.
#See here:
rebase = true
autosquash = true # auto squash fixups by default
autostash = true # auto git stash ; git stash pop when rebasing
sslverify = false
ui = auto
templatedir = /home/mte90/.git-templates
user = Mte90
[url "https://github"]
insteadOf = git://github
autocorrect = 1
prune = true
log = %C(240)%h%C(reset) -%C(auto)%d%Creset %s %C(242)(%an %ar)
detailed = %C(cyan)%h %C(red)%ad %C(blue)[%an]%C(magenta)%d %C(white)%s
shorter = %C(auto)%D %C(240)--%C(242)%gD%N %ad by %C(white)%cn%C(reset)
prompt = false
options = --highlight --line-numbers
diff = delta
log = delta
reflog = delta
show = delta
plus-style = "syntax #012800"
minus-style = "syntax #340001"
syntax-theme = Monokai Extended
navigate = true
diffFilter = delta --color-only