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Contribute to WP-CLI easily with VVV
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WP-CLI Develop template

For when you just need a simple wp-cli environment site with test support


This template will allow you to create a WP-CLI development environment.

Remember to use the wp-cli of this instance and not the one available globally in VVV.

To do that the simple way can be:

cd /src/www/wp-cli-dev
./vendor/bin/wp --path=/src/www/demo

Don't forget that you need to be inside the virtual machine, you can enter it with vagrant -c ssh.

Also to run test composer test is the most simple way to run all of them.

If you are looking to run a specific feature of a command:

  • enter the command folder
  • composer behat -- ./features/yourtest.feature

To any other information about how works check

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