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# Hubot Extendable Brain
# Description
Have you ever wanted to closely integrate your Hubot with your website? Were you worried about giving some of your developers command line access? Do you prefer PHP over CoffeeScript?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions then this library is for you. It's a PHP Class that allows you to use Hubot in conjunction with PHP to better query your own server(s) and/or other servers.
# Installation
1. Add to the `scripts` directory of your Hubot installation.
2. Edit and find http://localhost/hubotbrain.php and change that to where you will be placing hubotbrain.php
3. Open hubotbrain.php and modify line 163 ( protected function dir() ) to suit your needs. If you upload everything as it's found here on GitHub you won't need to bother.
4. You're done!
# Documentation / FAQs
Coming Soon. -ish
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