Primitive Shapes

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Primitive Shapes

Ultimately the only shape that Context Free/CFDG knows how to draw are squares, circles, triangles, or fills. Whenever CF encounters a primitive shape in a shape rule it draws it immediately. The sizes of these three shapes are:

  • Squares are unit squares. If two squares are drawn one unit apart in x or y then that will be drawn edge-to-edge.
SQUARE [x 1 b 0.5]  // gray square right next to the black square
  • Circles are unit circles. They have the same diameter as the side of a square.
  • Triangles are unit triangles. The have the same side length as squares.
  • Fills draw on the entire canvas

Here is what the primitive shapes look like with respect to each other:

shape foo {
    SQUARE []
    CIRCLE [b 1]
    SQUARE [x 1.5]
    TRIANGLE [b 0.5 x 1.5]
    SQUARE [x 3]
    CIRCLE [b 1 x 3]
    TRIANGLE [b 0.5 x 3]

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