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Releases: Mu0n/XWVassal

Wave XI 95% complete

19 Jul 17:05
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New ships: Gauntlet fighter, ST-70 Assault Ship, Rogue-class starfifghter, Clone Z-95
New Pieces/SecondEdition/ScenarioTokens2.5
New 6 obstacles (spawnable from the Pieces window only, they can't properly autospawn due to a bug)
Tons of pilot and upgrade cards
Rebel Fang Fighter ship base

mandalorian remotes
some of the latest condition card art + token (placeholder are used)

Wave X complete

26 Sep 16:00
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Added TIE/se, TIE/wi and BTA-NR2, with dials, ship gfx, pilots and upgrades from Wave X Sept 2021
Added the Electro-Chaff Cloud token to the bomb spawner options (CTRL-U if you're a hotkey fanatic)
Cloud overlap triggers on: ship crossing it, landing on it, cloud landing on ship
Cloud CTRL-L gfx overlay appears
Cloud autorange works
Fuse marker spawns with electro-chaff missile upgrade

bugfixes: selected ship on ALT-C no longer reports itself

Resetable Clock!

12 Jul 03:16
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Allows the clock to be reset.
This needs an improved Vassal client compared to last 9.2.2 x-wing module, so update your client to v3.5.8 or above.


26 Feb 03:00
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Has a simple clock to mark the time.

Move through ship, Zam Wesell hide/reveal, Aces High automated marker

Sensor buoys, HMP dual state, concussion bombs, bugs, map

Restore compatibility with new Vassal client v3.4, triple fix

13 Sep 19:20
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The new Vassal client v3.4 would make every ship movement, bomb drop, ship repositions, autorange from ships and from obstacles stop to work due to an increased support on international keyboards.

This X-Wing module v9.1.0 fixes all those issues on both this new client (v.3.4 line) as well as work with the old clients (v3.3 line and v.3.2 line).

Fixed: a weird bug which showed you a null pointer error popup when you joined a game at a specific point while players manipulated a dial would give you the impression that something very bad happened, but it had no consequence to you the observer. These should not happen anymore.

Fixed: The TIE/rb Heavy now has the left Tallon Roll symbol on its dial plate instead of 2 right ones.

New Map from a group of players known as Team Culex

Wave 7 & 8 ships, sideslip, 4k

10 Aug 21:38
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patch notes:
Fall 2020 new stuff readiness
Droid Tri-fighter: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
HMP Droid Gunship: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
Jango Fett’s Slave-I: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
Nimbus-Class V-Wing: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
LAAT/i gunship: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
Eta-2 actis: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
TIE/rb Heavy: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
Xi-Class Light Shuttle: added ship + dial + entry in xwd2
New purple maneuvers added (tallon roll 2) for the eta-2 actis’ dial
New sideslip functionality
Added 12 buttons in the (until now) unused ship mouse interface ‘page’ (leftmost button) with a HMP silhouette page button; only shows up for small ships, including 6 new images under photoshop (note: I didn’t do the original illustrator design nor am I a designer, Jomblr did it)
Calculated the translations and rotations for all 12 final positions for these movements
Calculated the translations and rotations for all 12 template usage while this move is performed for obstacle overlap detection purposes
Calculated the translations and rotations for all 12 collision aide templates when a ship to ship overlap occurs with sideslips (ie when ‘c’ is pressed)
Calculated the partial movement when an autobump sideslip resolution has to happen and backtrack the ship
Vassal v3.3.2 (and 3.3.0 and 3.3.1) Bug Squashing:

4k monitor users can now enjoy normal sized (instead of tiny) java user interface buttons and menus while ALSO not mess up autorange + ship mouse interface + tallon rolls + various custom mouse interface that were added in the x-wing module.
CTRL-Left click to bring out the ship mouse interface was bugged (it brought up the old style windows-right-click menu). Alt-left click was added in windows; which translates to option-left-click for mac users. Only the rightmost alt or option key works for windows and mac users respectively for some reason.
Mac User test:

Helped test out the new alt-left click to bring up the ship mouse interface with his Mac environment under Vassal v3.3.2

Small base fix, 2 new maps

04 Jul 11:49
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The arc lines on small ship bases were tightened in a narrower angle to match the 1-2-3 arc toggle graphic
2 new maps were added (Jehda, Mustafar)
Autorange obstruction works with some elements of the optional hotac and FGA campaign extensions now

Events Calendar + Autospawn tokens adds + Aces High

13 Apr 12:37
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Chat window (main window) buttons:
The [How-To and Shortcuts] Button is removed (it was severely outdated and related mostly to first edition)
The [Ref Cards] Button is removed for the same reason
A new [Help] button leads to a window linking to the X-Wing Vassal website and its guide
A new [Events Calendar] leads to a window explaining about the brand new Google Calendar with automatically fed events from community organizers.
Events Calendar
If you are a player, this Calendar can be integrated to your Google Account. It will list event signup with dates and web link for information. It will list the event actual start and end dates with web link for information.
These events will be submitted automatically to this Calendar, from a curated list of community organizers that contact Mu0n and possibly future co-admins.
If you are such an organizer, by making your case, you will be granted a Google Form that you fill in once for signups and second time for the event itself.
New elements in the Pieces Window:
Added the Environment cards from the “Never Tell me the Odds” pack. They can be found, dragged and dropped away from the Pieces window, SecondEdition tab, Environment tab.
Hyperspace Marker (used in an Aces High scenario, for example). They can be found, dragged and dropped away from the Pieces window, SecondEdition tab, Tokens2e tab.
New tokens taken care of by Autospawn:
Pilots with charge tokens will now spawn a charge token by their pilot cards (new lines of code were needed)
Pilots with upgrades that grant force (or extra force) will now spawn force tokens by their pilot cards instead of the generic token pool.
Some upgrade cards which grant the Lock action will now spawn a target lock token if it was not already the case, such as Targeting Computer, Passive Sensors (online edit of a web text file, if you find any more of them, please report)
Strain and ion tokens will now be spawned with every list in case anyone uses a gas cloud for strain or if someone gets the Disabled Power Regulator critical damage card (online edit of a web text file, basically all pilots that either have Focus or Calculate actions, which means 100% of pilots) get these tokens)
Player 7 and 8 feature complete
These player spots can now roll the dice in the dice window
These player spots can now interact with the turn tracker window
Bug Squashing:
The text for the damage card ‘Blinded Pilot’ was fixed from “While attacking, you can modify your dice only by spending a force for its standard effect.” to "While you perform an attack, you can modify your dice only by spending force for their default effect."