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Ascent Guidance missing in MJ 2.1 #222

DocAnderson opened this Issue · 4 comments

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First, great work. Love MJ2 ... exit fanboy mode.

Running KSP .22. Loaded MJ2 2.1. Twice. Ascent Guidance is no longer showing up in the menu. Also reverted to default in settings. Still no go.

AG is my favorite anti-tedium feature of MJ2.


I can confirm this. If it helps the devs out lots of things are missing in the new release and the bug actually occurred between builds 87 and 88. Tried them last night and reverted to 87 to have full functionality.


It's not missing, you just didn't unlock the tech needed for it.
You needed Unmanned Tech or whatever it was, I think the one with the 1m stack core.
I don't have it either cause the stock tree forces me to get the precision parts that I never use and don't want but all other things I have the tech for unlocked like the rover controls.


Yes, currently the modules gradually unlock in several nodes. If you are having problems in either sandbox mode or after unlocking the proper node ("Unmanned Tech" for the Ascent module), please reopen this issue.

@r4m0n r4m0n closed this

Okay, that is WAY cool! Excellent way to integrate into the new structure. I may have to start a new career mode save JUST to watch how MJ2 gradually unlocks. Is that too geeky? ... Don't care. Doing it anyway!

Thanks for all your work on MechJeb. It really is a wonderfully flexible mod for KSP.

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