App for developers to test REST API.
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Httper is a REST API test tool running on your iOS devices. It helps developers to test their REST APIs anywhere and anytime without PC.


  1. Developers can submit a HTTP request with several headers, parameters and row request body by 9 different HTTP methods including GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, CONNECT, OPTIONS, TRACE and PATCH. HTTP response can be shown as three styles including pretty, row and preview. Response status code and headers are also supported in Httper.
  2. Project function: After create a project, you can add a group of requests into a project. Httper also supports to synchronize between multiple devices with your account signing in. Your projects and requestes can be synchronized from cloud in a new device if you sign in your account.
  3. Some Internet tools are included in Httper:
  • Ping a domain or IP address.
  • Whois search.
  • Get device public IP info, WiFi info and cellular info.


Submit issues on or send email to me( Httper is an open source software. If you like my app, please give me a star on Github:


Submit issues on or send email to me.

Download this app from App Store:


Httper is relied on the following frameworks, I am very pleasure if you can give a star to them.