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A SCSS Bootstrap 4 Template for Fridays for Future
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Fridays for Future - BT4

A SASS Bootstrap 4 Basic Template for Fridays for Future sites

Example Site:

You can find the Example site in the docs folder

Instruction for editing
  • Make sure you have Node.js installed.
  • run npm install (console, cmd, Phpstorm etc in the repository folder)
  • The JS are located in the folder assets/js/src
  • The SASS are located in the folder assets/scss/src
  • You can run the task to compile via Gulp or NPM (console, cmd, Phpstorm etc or NPM Script):
    (gulp Build,gulp Dev,gulp Watch,NPM run Build,NPM run Dev,NPM run Watch etc)

Install via NPM:

npm i fridays-for-future-bootstrap-4 --save
You must create Your own JS.

This package uses the following repositories:

Bootstrap 4.3.1

Font Awesome (Free) 5.10.2

DataTables BT-4 1.10.19

Bootstrap-Select 1.13.10

Author: Norman Huth

Website English
Website German

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