JavaScript library for developing Game AI.
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Yuka is a JavaScript library for developing Game AI.

  • Autonomous Agent Design: Yuka provides a basic game entity concept and classes for state-driven and goal-driven agent design.
  • Steering: Use the build-in vehicle model and steering behaviors in order to develop moving game entities.
  • Navigation: Graph classes, search algorithms and a navigation mesh implementation enables advanced path finding.
  • Perception: Create game entities with a short-term memory and a vision component.
  • Trigger: Use triggers to generate dynamic actions in your game.
  • Fuzzy Logic: Make your game entities smarter with Yuka's fuzzy inference system.

Yuka is a standalone library and independent of a particular 3D engine.


You can find the Yuka documentation on the website.


We have several examples on the website. If you donwload the repository and execute npm install && npm start in the main directory, you can start a local server and check out the examples on your computer.


We recommend the following books in order to get familiar with most of Yuka's concepts:

Programming Game AI by Example by Mat Buckland

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development by Fletcher Dunn and Ian Parberry


Yuka is MIT licensed.