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YUME is a technological platform for developing web based 3D applications.
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Built with Grunt

YUME is a technological platform for developing web based 3D applications. Its technology stack consists of many popular frameworks like node.js, express or three.js. The goal of this project is to provide a foundation for all kinds of 3D-based web applications (especially games). YUME is written in JavaScript.

Why should i use YUME?

Developing a complex 3D application is a hard challenge. If you want to create a real product, working just with three.js or an other 3D library is sometimes insufficient. YUME integrates different frameworks to create one comprehensive platform with many useful features.

  • Node.js and its modules provide server side features to meet multiplayer or storage requirements (accounts, highscores etc.).
  • Express provides features for creating server side web applications. Games can benefit of templating, sessions, authentication, compression, caching and more.
  • Three.js is a great library for developing 3D content based on WebGL.
  • Browserify guarantees modular programming style and robust dependency management.
  • Grunt is our internal task runner and build tool.
  • Bootstrap provides a basic HTML/CSS template.
  • Less simplifies styling.

The demo-application shows different features of YUME.

  • stage loading and changing (via loading screen)
  • advanced First-Person Controls
  • UI elements (e.g. modal dialogs for menus, inventory etc.)
  • interaction system for First-Person adventures or shooters
  • simple collision detection
  • i18n (text files for each local)
  • basic animation system
  • elementary audio system based on WebAudio
  • savegame and settings managers
  • topic-based publish/subscribe
  • post-processing with some exemplary shaders
  • simple particle system
  • some game entities for AI programming (state-driven agents, steering behaviors, graphs etc.)


Check out the official documentation for more information.