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# RSOAuthEngine
-By Rodrigo Sieiro - [](
+By Rodrigo Sieiro - [@rsieiro](
## About
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## Demo
+<img src="" style="float: left;" alt="Screenshot" />
**RSOAuthEngine** comes with a sample project that demonstrates how to use it to authenticate with Twitter. It includes a basic Twitter engine that implements Twitter's OAuth authentication flow and allows you to post a tweet. It also shows you how to persist the OAuth access token in the Keychain. The Twitter engine should not be considered production code, and is only included to demonstrate **RSOAuthEngine**.
To build the demo project, follow these steps:
1. In the project directory, run `git submodule update --init` to retrieve MKNetworkKit (added to the project as a submodule).
2. Put your consumer key and secret at the top of `RSTwitterEngine.m` and remove the `#error` macro. If you don't have a consumer key/secret, register an app at []( to get a pair. **Important**: you need to add a dummy callback URL to your app when registering, otherwise Twitter won't allow you to send a callback URL in the OAuth request.
+### Tips
+Swipe from left to right in the status message to clear previously stored OAuth tokens.
## Compatibility
Currently this engine has only been tested with Twitter. If you use **RSOAuthEngine** to implement OAuth authentication with another service, please let me know so I can update this session.
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