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I am developing a language , so this is my working place. The language's name is 'SIMPLE'
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SIMPLE is a basic programming langauge designed for golfing purposes.


Make sure to have node installed. If you don't, head over to and follow the installation instructions. Also make sure to have git installed. Then run the following commands:

git clone
cd Language
node code.js


The syntax of the language is as follows:

  • Compute expressions like usual, i.e 2 + 1, 5 % 2 etc..

  • Supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulo (%), parenthesis.

  • Supports variables, to declare one simply type the variable's name, an equals sign and the number you want to assign it to. ( x = 12 ) will declare a variable x with a value of 12.

  • Functions are declared with Func nameOfFunc arg1 arg2 => ( return what ever ), e.g Func double x => x * 2 will make a function double that has an argument x and returns the results of the expression x * 2. Entering the expression double 3 will expand to 6.


  • An empty program will display FizBuzz program and exits with an error.
  • A program containing any operator but no numbers will display Hello World! and exit with an error
  • A program consisting of any alphabets will output the 12 days of Chrismats and exit with an error


  • Input/Output
  • Advanced logic flow (ternary operator, if/else/elif)
  • Improved functions
  • Loops
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