How to Run Hadoop wordcount MapReduce Example on Windows 10

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  1. Download MapReduceClient.jar (Link:
  2. Download Input_file.txt (Link:

Place both files in "C:/"

Hadoop Operation

  1. Open cmd in Administrative mode and move to "C:/Hadoop-2.8.0/sbin" and start cluster

start all

  1. Create an input directory in HDFS.
hadoop fs -mkdir /input_dir
  1. Copy the input text file named input_file.txt in the input directory (input_dir)of HDFS.
hadoop fs -put C:/input_file.txt /input_dir
  1. Verify input_file.txt available in HDFS input directory (input_dir).
hadoop fs -ls /input_dir/


  1. Verify content of the copied file.
hadoop dfs -cat /input_dir/input_file.txt


  1. Run MapReduceClient.jar and also provide input and out directories.
hadoop jar C:/MapReduceClient.jar wordcount /input_dir /output_dir


  1. Verify content for generated output file.
hadoop dfs -cat /output_dir/*


Some Other usefull commands

To leave Safe mode

hadoop dfsadmin –safemode leave

To Delete file from HDFS directory

hadoop fs -rm -r /iutput_dir/input_file.txt

To Delete directory from HDFS directory

hadoop fs -rm -r /iutput_dir


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