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CSC305 Mini Project files released by muhdnurhidayat and teammates to the public for reference
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CSC305 Mini Project

CSC305 Programming Paradigm Python Mini Project


This repository contains the source file and documentation submitted for our group's mini project back in 2016. Do note that the files here are modified to remove our patronymics and student identification numbers to protect our privacy.

What is CSC305?

CSC305 is the course code of Programming Paradigm, a subject offered under CS110, Diploma in Computer Science programme at selected campuses of Universiti Teknologi MARA.

Why there is mini project?

Mini project is part of the ongoing assessment for the course which also contributes to the final grade. Different lecturers in different campuses might have different requirements for mini projects, some gives freedom to their students to choose whatever language they want while others restrict the language. In our case, we're required to do our mini project in Python 2.


As written earlier, we're required to do our mini project in Python 2 (specifically 2.7.12). Please convert or adapt the code by yourself if you're using other versions of Python.


The codes were written in 2016, in which the code works without problem and ran successfully in untested computer in the computer laboratory for our presentation in 2016.

We do notice the online parser has stopped working when we reviewed the code again on 18th April 2018. However, we do not intend to fix it anymore because our job here is done. Muhammad Nur Hidayat (muhdnurhidayat), also known as MNH48 is releasing the code on behalf of our team to the public so that other students could have some reference in writing their own codes.

The screenshots of WhatsApp conversations between Muhammad Nur Hidayat and the rest of team members are included under agreement folder as proof that the files are released under agreement. However, do note that the conversations are done in Malay because it's our daily and native language.


The files are released after agreement between the authors, and it is released under custom 2-line BSD license. Please refer to the included LICENSE.txt file for the exact license text. The copyright contains both 2016 and 2018 in the header, because the original file is written in 2016, and the modifications to remove sensitive information is done in 2018.

The summary is: do anything you want as long as you keep the LICENSE.txt file with it.

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