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Convert, Merge, Watermark, Secure and OCR files using an on-premise web-services API


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Muhimbi PDF Converter Services


The Muhimbi PDF Converter Services is an on-premise web service that makes it easy to add document conversion, merging, watermarking, securing and optical character recognition (OCR) to most programming languages, operating systems and development platforms.

This product is also available as an Online Service (SaaS), for details see this separate GitHub repository. A SharePoint (2007-2019) version is available as well.

Key features:

  • Convert a wide variety of file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InfoPath, AutoCAD, Visio, EML, MSG, HTML, TIFF, PNG, JPG to PDF and other formats.
  • Merge multiple files and URLs into a single PDF file.
  • Apply watermarks including rich text, images, PDFs, QR Codes, page numbers, lines, circles etc.
  • Secure PDF files, apply encryption and PDF restrictions to prevent such operations as printing and content copying.
  • Extract PDF Form data as FDF, XFDF and XML.
  • Split a PDF into multiple files.
  • Use OCR to convert scans, faxes and other images to fully searchable PDF files.
  • Supports PDF/A output for long term archiving and compliance with guidelines set by regulatory bodies.
  • High fidelity output.
  • Sample files and pre-generated client code for PHP, Ruby, Java and C#.
  • Backed by a professional and high quality support desk.

Getting started

It couldn't be easier to get going. Download the software, install it as per Chapter 2 of the Administration Guide, and follow the instructions for the language of your choice:

All sample code is also installed alongside the software, and accessible from the Windows Start Menu.

A separate Developer Guide is available here. Answers to some of the most common questions can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Any further questions? Drop us a line, we love to help.