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Convert PDF to PDF-A
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C# Sample Code

Details about using the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services from C# can be found below. Further information, including the object model, can be found in the Developer Guide and in the Muhimbi Knowledge Base.

Any questions? Drop us a line, we love to help.

Table of contents


This sample code has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio. Although it may work when using different IDEs, we recommend using Visual Studio.

All samples work with .net 3.0 and newer. If you are a Windows developer, the appropriate .NET framework version is most likely already installed on your system. In case it is not, install it as described here.

❗️ Please make sure that a copy of the Muhimbi PDF Converter Services (Download) is installed on at least one Windows Server in your environment. (Don't worry, it can be invoked from non-Windows platforms including Linux). ❗️

Sample code

Sample code, and related files, for the various facilities provided by this service can be found below. It is recommended to copy all samples to your local system using one of the following options:

  • Git: Use the following command to clone the entire repository to your system. This will download all files associated with this repository, and is most likely overkill, but it is the only easy way to download files using Git. Once downloaded, you can find the examples under the Microsoft .Net folder.

    git clone

  • SVN: A common trick to download only part of a Git repository is to use svn. Download only the C# client and sample code using the following command.

    svn export

  • ZIP: Download a ZIP archive of the entire repository. Once downloaded, you can find the examples under the Microsoft .Net folder.

A full overview of the examples can be found below.

Sample Description
Conversion WinForms application to demonstrate and test various aspects of the PDF Converter.
Convert PDF to PDF-A Convert a PDF document to PDF/A.
OCR PDF Use Optical Character Recognition to convert a fax, scan or other image into a text PDF.
OCR PDF (PrimeOCR) Use Optical Character Recognition using the 3rd part PrimeOCR engine.
Split PDF Split a large PDF into smaller PDFs.
Watermarking Add watermarks to a PDF file.

Any questions? Drop our friendly support desk a line, we love to help.

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