Roadmap (Lite)

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This brief Roadmap is meant to give Mukurtu users and potential developers an idea of the sorts of things the Mukurtu team is either currently working on, expect to work on in the future, or just looking at possibilities.

(P) = planned (PS) = pretty sure we are gonna do it (JS) = just spitballin'

Any feedback is welcome at support at or add an issue with a label of enhancement or question in this repository.

Short Term (next)


  • Adding Content warnings on SCALD atoms and DH items (first iteration released in 2.0.8)

SCALD and Media

  • New SCALD Providers for 3D models (Sketchfab?) (PS)

  • New SCALD Provider for OHMS (PS)

  • Revisit SCALD Metadata fields (in 2.0.8 the display of SCALD atom metadata was consolidated to expedite atom creation)

New Content Types

  • People Content type (first iteration released in 2.0.8)

    --Pulling together all the references of a person across the site to enrich the narrative about that person

  • Place Content type (PS)

    --Pulling together all the references of a specific location across the site to enrich the narrative about that place


  • Batch Export of wordlists (P)

  • Better browse facet for Non-ASCII characters (currently working on this for 2.0.9)

  • General Layout changes based on usage feedback (P)

Local Customization

  • In 2.0.7 the Feature Overrides Module (documentation here) was included in Mukurtu Core to enable local site customizations to be packaged up and maintained through the upgrade process. (Done - Feedback from those of you that have used this would be fantastic!)

Mid to Long Term


  • Polygon mapping (PS)

  • Fuzzy mapping (PS)

  • Point Clustering (P)

Import/Export *

  • Adding support Import and Export of:

  • Dublin Core XML (PS)

  • METS with DC XML for item metadata (PS)

  • METS with MODS XML for item metadata (PS)

--Support of XML import/export as described above is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

Digital Preservation Micro Services *

File Fixity

  • Adding the ability to import an MD5 HASH and internally run MD5 and SHA hashes, internally manage and export fixity information. (PS) (Work on File Fixity is in progress on this branch and is estimated to be complete by the end of 2018)

Administrative and Reporting Functionality *

  • Digital Heritage Activity Reporting on added/edited/deleted Digital Heritage Items within the community. (PS)

--Increased reporting of Digital Heritage reporting is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.


  • Enhanced Search to better support Community Records and Multi-page Documents (return page/node --- where a person is mentioned on page 70) (P)

Integrations/Code Contributions

  • Exposing a Mukurtu API (for lack of a better term) for easier contribution to Mukurtu (P)

Visual design/customization

  • Enhanced Front page customization and overall site design (P)

  • Looking to add one or two more starter or stock base theme options (P)

Media Enhancements

  • Enhanced support for transcription in general. Adding the ability to add time-coded transcriptions and annotations directly into Mukurtu (JS)

  • Possible OHMS Viewer Integration (PS)

  • Possible Elan Viewer Integration (PS/JS)

Exhibits (PS)

--This is a feature Mukurtu users have expressed interest in, however, we need more clear direction for exact functionality.

  • Ability to create visually appealing exhibits for a small portion of DH content.

  • Should allow admins to define look and feel and condensed summaries/exhibit text.

  • Should we build out the collections feature to be more exhibit like?

  • How is it accessed?

*These features were explored in depth from a planning grant funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. For a detailed scope of work on these features please see this document.

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