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  • change GLOBAL for Windows


  • Various small improvements


  • Various small improvements


  • Various small improvements


  • remove duplicate


  • new mulle-sde project structure


  • split off from MulleObjCOSFoundation
  • cut dependency on MulleObjCInetFoundation, move some code to new MulleObjCOSInetFoundation
  • NSString's _stringBySimplifyingPath is now mulleStringBySimplifyingPath
  • NSTimeZones ``_GMTTimeZone`` is now mulleGMTTimeZone`
  • adapted to changes in MulleObjC
  • add mulleWriteBytes:length: method to NSFileHandle
  • move NSConditionLock to MulleFoundation
  • fix NSCondition a little bit
  • fix timeIntervalSince1970 miscalculation in NSDate
  • add pre-cursory Windows subproject
  • add memory mapped NSData (read only) based on mulle-mmap
  • fix infinite recursion on Darwin
  • improved NSRunLoop can now do performMessages and NSTimer
  • multiple bugfixes with proper handling of nil parameters
  • added NSURLFileScheme to NSURL
  • improved NSBundle
  • added MulleDateNow() function and based NSDate on gettimeofday instead of time
  • fix stringByResolvingSymlinksInPath and stringByStandardizingPath
  • fix leak with GMT Timezone
  • fix unavoidable setProcessName leak tripping up tests
  • rename many _methods to mulleMethods, to distinguish between private and just not compatible
  • added some of the uncherished error:(NSError **) error method variations for compatibility
  • improved _stringBySimplifyingPath
  • added some more "well known" directory names, such as NSTrashDirectonary
  • improved NSBundle, NSFileHandle, NSFileManager, NSProcessInfo, NSError
  • modernized to new mulle-test
  • fix some compile warnings (use fork for Posix)
  • modernized project structure and tests
  • modernize mulle-sde cmake, fix a test for linux
  • fix for mingw
  • migration to mulle-sde completed
  • modernize CMakeLists.txt and CMakeDependencies.txt
  • separate OS into constituent libraries, so each library has one loader only