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  • rewrote the code for floating point string encoding
  • improved NSDate
  • NSData respects -1 as a length input as well
  • supports NSISOLatin1StringEncoding on input


  • renamed mulleCData to cData
  • moved NSLock categories elsewhere
  • renamed stringWithFormat:arguments: to mulleStringWithFormat:arguments
  • added +[NSString availableStringEncodings] and -[NSString dataUsingEncoding:allowLossyConversion:]
  • added -[NSString mulleGetUTF8Characters:maxLength:range:]
  • added -[NSMutableString mulleAppendUTF8String:]
  • renamed mulleData to cData, but as its incompatible methods still get a mulle prefix, so the read accessor is now mulleCData


  • renamed methods with owner: to sharingObject:
  • change _mulleConvertToASCIICharacters to return a mulle_asciidata by reference
  • change hash method for NSDate
  • change hash for floating point NSNumber
  • MulleObjCStringByCombiningPrefixAndCapitalizedKey inherited from KVCFoundation
  • fix Bugs in NSString
  • debugDescription is now diffable if MULLE_TEST is defined or MulleDebugDescriptionEllideAddressOutput is set to YES
  • renamed -[NSMutableString mulleAppendFormat:arguments:] to mulleAppendFormat:mulleVarargList:, but added a proper mulleAppendFormat:arguments: with va_list arguments.
  • added -[NSMutableString initWithFormat:arguments:]
  • fix leak in -[NSString substringWithRange:]
  • use the new struct mulle_ascii_data instead of struct mulle_utf8_data where its more fitting
  • improved hasPrefix: hasSuffix:
  • added mulleGetASCIICharacters:length:
  • rename/hide class MulleObjCBoolNumber to _MulleObjCBoolNumber
  • improved stringValue/description for NSNumber
  • characterAtIndex: gains a ':' alias
  • NSMutableString will compact itself, if it detects multiple characterAtIndex: calls
  • simplified stringByAppendingString: greatly
  • improved hash and isEqual for NSNumber
  • NSNumber is now independent from NSValue in terms of hash/isEqual: (as it's supposed to)
  • do self == other check only in -isEqual: and not in isEqualToString: anymore (experimentally)
  • mulleFastUTF8Characters and family have been replaced by mulleFastGetUTF8Data: and family
  • moved NSData+Unicode.m here from the MulleObjCStandardFoundation
  • started using struct mulle_data`` that combines -bytes and -length
  • added -[NSMutableData mulleReplaceInvalidCharactersWithASCIICharacter:encoding:]
  • added mulleSwapUTF16Characters and mulleSwapUTF32Characters
  • fix constant in -initWithUnsignedLongLong
  • faster isEqualToString: (at least in my tests)
  • added fnv1a hash functions for mulle_utf16_t and mulle_utf32_t characters
  • can create tagged pointers from mulle_utf16_t and mulle_utf32_t characters now


  • remove duplicate


  • moved unicode functionality to MulleObjCUnicodeFoundation, basic ctype functionality remains


  • adapt to MulleObjCValidateRangeAgainstLength returning a value now (-1 can be used instead of [self length] in NSRange)
  • make some previously private methods public and remove the '_' prefix on NSMutableData
  • added +mulleStringWithData:encoding: convenience
  • adapt to renames in MulleObjC
  • added MulleObjC_vasprintf and MulleObjC_asprintf which return autoreleased char strings
  • split off from MulleObjCStandardFoundation