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Grant Calculator

Built with support by Peak Grantmakers, New America, Mulligan Fund, All Tomorrow's Parties


Setup Jekyll Locally (Ruby)

gem install jekyll bundler
git pull <thisrepo>
bundle exec jekyll serve

Deploy to staging

Note: Currently just gh-pages

Deploy to Production

Note: Currently just gh-pages
Ensure that CNAME is set for gh-pages (settings)



Primary configuration file. Vanilla save for following parameters.

future: false

hiring.yml contains the open (and closed) positions on the hiring page data configuration. The position descriptions can be markdown, following this stackoverflow

- label: What Kind of Grant is This? #Date to submit by
  type: Dropdown
  content: Support, New Project, Drop
  default: What kind of support?

Blog posts are not fully implemented, but the framework is there to quickly establish and deploy. Blogposts can be added to _posts and can be simply added to a future design rendering through the same template.

layout: post (corresponds to _layouts/post.html)
title:  "Post Title"
date:   2017-09-28 21:21:24 -0400 # Date it publishes
categories: Advice
img: /img/post/whatever_main_image.png
Content of blogpost _in_ *markdown*


  • _data - Contains data yml files
  • _includes - Partials eg. header, footer, etc.
  • _layouts - Page (see Index)
  • _pages - Folder for custom pages
  • _posts - Folder for blog posts, eg. 20171001_title.md
  • _sass - Pre-compiled sass files
  • _site - Compiled static site
  • _css - Compiled static css
  • fonts - Statically served fonts
  • img - Statically served images
  • js - Statically served Javascript

Main files

  • index.html - Primary index file
  • readme.md - That's me.