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Admin Commands

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MultiChat has many powerful commands that your administrators can use to configure the plugin, as well as perform some other useful actions.


Will display plugin version info.

Permission: multichat.admin

/multichat help [page number]

Will display all the commands needed to use MultiChat.

Permission: multichat.admin

/multichat reload

This will read in any changes to the config file and apply them. If you delete your config then it will also produce a new one.

Permission: multichat.admin

/multichat save

This will save plugin data such as staff chat preferences, any group chats created, which staff members have social spy or group spy on etc. The plugin will automatically backup all this same data every 60 minutes as well.

Permission: multichat.admin

/multichat debug

Turns on MultiChat's debug messages in the console logs. Useful for troubleshooting.

Permission: multichat.admin


This is a "quick fix" to allow you to send chat directly to the spigot chat stream, and not have it handled by multichat. This can be used to type into spigot plugins such as 'quests' which require access to chat events. A better solution will be implemented in future updates.

There are many aliases to this command that can be configured in config.yml. (/mcb etc.)

Permission: multichat.bypass


This command allows you to execute commands across all of your servers. For example, if you want to kick everyone on your network, you can do /mce kickall. This will make all your server consoles execute the /kickall command.

It is simple, but can be used for a few useful tasks.

I have added some more powerful options to this command as well. For example, you can limit what servers the command executes on using regular expressions. Simply use the -s flag.

/mce -s minigames.* broadcast You are on a minigames server! Will execute the broadcast command on all servers whose names start with "minigames".

There is also a function to cause players to execute the command instead of the console. This is using the -p flag. Like the -s flag you provide it with a regex to decide what players will use the command. /mce -p .* spawn will cause all your players to execute the /spawn command.

If you dont understand regular expressions (regex), just Google it!

Permission: multichat.execute

/display <message>

Will display the message to all players on the network. You may use any color or format codes in this message. It will default to just white text.

Permission: multichat.staff.display


Will list all staff members (who have the multichat.staff permission) currently on the network ordered according to their server. The servers are automatically obtained from bungeecord. You need 'multichat.staff.list' to use this.

Permission: multichat.staff.list


Lists all group chats created on the server.

Permission: multichat.staff.listgroups

/group list <group name>

You can view the members of a group by doing this (even if you are not a group member yourself IF you have the multichat.staff.spy) permission.


This will toggle socialspy which is off by default. This allows you to see all private messages sent between players on network.

Permission: multichat.staff.spy


This will stop all chat messages being sent in the global chat until the same command is used. You can bypass this if you have the permission node.


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