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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ set(MultiMC_NEWS_RSS_URL "" CACHE STRING "URL to fetc
######## Set version numbers ########

# Build number
set(MultiMC_VERSION_BUILD -1 CACHE STRING "Build number. -1 for no build number.")
@@ -1,9 +1,92 @@
# MultiMC 0.6.5
# MultiMC 0.6.6

Finalizing the translation workflow improvements and adding fixes for sounds missing in old game versions.
This release is mostly the smaller things that have accumulated over time, along with a big change in linux packaging.

No 1.13+ Forge news yet. That's going to be a major overhaul of many of the internals of MultiMC.


On linux, MultiMC no longer bundles the Qt libraries. This fixes many issues, but it might not run after the update unless you have the required libraries installed.

Make sure you have the following packages before you update:

- Arch: `qt5-base`
- Debian/Ubuntu: `qt5-default`
- CentOS/RHEL: `qt5-qtbase`
- Suse: `libqt5-qtbase`

MultiMC on linux is built with Qt 5.4 and older versions of Qt will not work.

This should be a massive improvement to system integration on linux and resolves GH-1784, GH-2605, GH-1979, GH-2271, GH-1992, GH-1816 and their many duplicates.

### New or changed features

- GH-2487: No is now the default button when deleting instances.

- It is now possible to launch with profilers in offline mode.

- Massively improved support for icon formats when importing and exporting instances.

All of the formats MultiMC supports are now supported in exported instances too, instead of just PNG.

- Added the pocket fox icon.

We still have the big one under the staircase. It's cute. Just hide your chickens.

- Global settings can be opened from instance settings where appropriate.

Many people use the instance overrides where using the global settings would be more appropriate. Hopefully this makes it clearer that the instance settings are overrides for the global settings.

- Added direct Fabric loader support.

Much overdue. It's good. Fabric mod metadata is also supported in the mod pages.

- MultiMC now recognizes the new `experimental` Minecraft versions.

Go mess with the combat experiment. It's interesting.

- Added Twitch URL as an option to the Add Instance dialog.

You can now drag the purple download buttons from CurseForge into MultiMC and get a modpack out of it. Much easier!

### Bugfixes

- Translation folder is now created sooner, making first launch translation fetch work again.

- GH-2716: MultiMC will no longer try to censor values shorter than 4 characters in logs.

It was actually leaking information and destroying the logs instead of helping.

- GH-2551: Trim server name and IP before saving them.

- GH-2591: Fix multiple potential memory leaks and crashes related to destroying objects with Qt memory lifecycle model.

- `` on linux now passes all arguments to MultiMC.

- Adding a disabled mod duplicate now replaces the existing mod.

- GH-2592: Newly created instances are now selected again. This was a very old regression.

- GH-689: MultiMC no longer creates an imgur album for single screenshot uploads.

- GH-1813: `#` is now saved properly when used in instance notes.

- GH-2515: Deleting an instance externally while the delete dialog is open no longer leads to some other instance being deleted when you click OK.

- GH-2499: Proxy settings are applied immediately and no longer need an application restart.

- GH-1701: When downloading updates, the text now reflects the number of downloaded files better.

- Icon scaling issues on macOS should now be fixed.

# Previous releases

## MultiMC 0.6.5

Finalizing the translation workflow improvements and adding fixes for sounds missing in old game versions.

#### New or changed features

- UI for the language settings has been unified across the application

- GH-2209: Sounds in old (pre-1.6) versions should now work again
@@ -12,7 +95,6 @@ Finalizing the translation workflow improvements and adding fixes for sounds mis

Also, a minor issue with the reconstruction being done twice per launch has been fixed.

# Previous releases

## MultiMC 0.6.4

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