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NOISSUE change behaviour of the +tweakers patch item

Patch application will either add tweakers, or move them
to the end if they are already present.

This allows fixing up tweaker order in subsequent version patches.
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peterix committed Oct 8, 2017
1 parent b882069 commit eba8e61ce99577ab34f1164eabded1581742ef7b
Showing with 11 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +11 −4 api/logic/minecraft/MinecraftProfile.cpp
@@ -428,12 +428,19 @@ void MinecraftProfile::applyTraits(const QSet<QString>& traits)
void MinecraftProfile::applyTweakers(const QStringList& tweakers)
// FIXME: check for dupes?
// FIXME: does order matter?
for (auto tweaker : tweakers)
// if the applied tweakers override an existing one, skip it. this effectively moves it later in the sequence
QStringList newTweakers;
for(auto & tweaker: m_tweakers)
this->m_tweakers += tweaker;
if (tweakers.contains(tweaker))
// then just append the new tweakers (or moved original ones)
newTweakers += tweakers;
m_tweakers = newTweakers;
void MinecraftProfile::applyJarMods(const QList<LibraryPtr>& jarMods)

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