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@peterix peterix released this Aug 11, 2019 · 48 commits to develop since this release

  • Mod list performance massively improved
  • MultiMC now uses toolbars instead of layouts with large buttons in the various options/instance pages

See full changelog:

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@peterix peterix released this Feb 21, 2019 · 102 commits to stable since this release


  • UI for the language settings has been unified across the application

  • GH-2209: Sounds in old (pre-1.6) versions should now work again

    The launcher now downloads the correct assets and reconstructs the resources folder inside instances. This mirrors the same fix implemented in vanilla.

    Also, a minor issue with the reconstruction being done twice per launch has been fixed.

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@peterix peterix released this Feb 21, 2019 · 164 commits to develop since this release

New or changed features

  • FTB API location has changed

    MultiMC now uses the new location and should keep working.

  • Translations have been overhauled, again

    It is now possible to put the translation source .po files into the translations folder and see changes in MultiMC immediately.

    The new translation workflow is like this:

    • Get a .po file from here the translations repository.
    • Alternatively, get the template.pot and start a new translation based on it.
    • Put it in the translations folder.
    • Edit it with POEdit.
    • See the changes in real time.
    • When done, post the changed files on discord, or github.

    When using a .po file, MultiMC logs which strings are missing from the translation on the currently displayed UI screen(s), and which one are marked as fuzzy. This should make it easy to determine what's important.

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@peterix peterix released this Feb 21, 2019 · 169 commits to develop since this release

This is a release mostly aimed at getting all the small changes and fixes out of the door.

Potentially breaking changes

  • Local libraries are only loaded from inside the instances now.

    Before, MultiMC allowed loading local libraries from the main libraries folder.
    This in turn allowed existence of instances which could not be transported from one installation of MultiMC to another.

    GH-2475: A bug that allowed the launch to continue with missing local libraries has also been fixed.

    Effectively, you will get errors from launching such instances. You can fix the errors by copying the libraries to the locations indicated in the error log.

New or changed features

  • FTB import now has support for third party modpack codes.

    Better late than never?

  • Instance creation can now be interrupted / aborted.

  • GH-2053: You can now inspect and change the servers.dat file from MultiMC.

  • MultiMC now uses the https protocol for many more network requests.

  • GH-2352: There is now a button to open the .minecraft folder inside the selected instance.

  • GH-2232: MultiMC can now use .gif icons (not animated).

  • GH-2101: Instance renaming is now done inline, in the actual instance list.

  • GH-2452: When deleting a group, MultiMC asks for confirmation.

  • GH-1552: PermGen is no longer shown when it's not appropriate (java 8 and up).

  • GH-2144: When changing versions of a component like Forge, the current version is marked with (installed).

  • GH-2374: World list has been improved:

    • Alternating line background colors have been added.
    • The world game type is now shown in a column.
  • GH-2384: When installing a mod, existing mod with the same file name will be replaced.

  • The background cat sometimes wears a silly hat.


  • GH-2252: Fixed odd drag and drop behaviour on Windows

    Drag and drop of URLs from a browser locked up the browser. This needs further fixes on macOS.

  • Instance naming fixes:

    • GH-2355: Whitespace prefix or suffix is no longer allowed.
    • GH-2238: Newlines in instance names are no longer allowed either.
  • GH-2412: MultiMC no longer leaves behind zombie processes after launch on linux.

  • GH-2382: Version filter for the forge/liteloader version lists was not matching the whole version name.

  • GH-2488: More issues with broken relative URL redirection in Qt have been fixed.

  • Some memory leaks of downloaded data have been fixed.

  • MultiMC now handles instance groups and instance group saving better.

    Long deleted groups no longer persist in the group list.

  • GH-2467: Broken (and nonsensical) sorting indicators have been removed from the versions page header.

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@peterix peterix released this Feb 21, 2019 · 254 commits to develop since this release

New or changed features

  • MultiMC now has FTB integration:

    • Official and third-party modpacks work.
    • Codes for private modpacks are not implemented yet.
  • Version lists now show release dates where available.

  • New instance dialog:

    • It has been completely overhauled and now uses the same kind of paged dialog design as the rest of MultiMC.
    • Vanilla version list now has a filter for version types.
    • FTB integration gets a page here, along with zip import and vanilla.
    • Technic integration is a definite possibility in the future.
    • If there is a decent way to list Twitch modpacks, proper Twitch modpack integration is a possibility too.
    • There still is no modpack updating. Much more work is needed for that.
  • Other Logs page:

    • Now has a search bar, just like the main log page.
    • GH-604: Uses the same font settings as the main log.
  • Icon selection dialog now has a button for opening the icons folder.

  • MultiMC now has a shinier, updated logo.

  • GH-2150: Custom commands have been split from the java settings into a new page.

    The use of variables in custom commands is now better documented.
    The label shows that they need to be prefixed by $.

  • Player name is no longer censored in logs.

  • MultiMC now probes the system for the name of the linux distribution as part of analytics. This will be used to focus future packaging efforts.

  • Secret cheat code has been added... What does it do?


  • VisualVM integration now works when VisualVM is bundled inside the MultiMC folder (uses a relative path).

  • When reinstalling a component, or changing a component version, the custom version is now removed first.

  • GH-2134: Fix multiple issues with the skin upload:

    • When uploading a skin, the model selection now works correctly again.
    • When the new skin file is specified using the file:// URL scheme, it will now work correctly.
  • GH-2143: Mojang services status display now reflects the current set of services.

  • GH-2154: MultiMC now ignores the hidden flag of instance folders and they should show up correctly.

  • When migrating Legacy instances, custom minecraft.jar will be preserved.

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@peterix peterix released this Apr 8, 2018 · 315 commits to develop since this release

Bugfix release for 0.6.0.

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Dec 31, 2017
NOISSUE fix changelog typos
Oct 25, 2017
GH-2026 blacklist new Minecraft snapshots and releases

@peterix peterix released this Dec 31, 2017 · 581 commits to develop since this release

This was messy and only served the purpose of hiding the 1.13 snapshots. The builds are not consistent.

Just skip it and grab 0.6.0.

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