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A simple helper class that allow you to easely create a grid of buttons
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A simple helper class that allow you to easely create a grid of buttons


Pad is a layout with buttons in it. By using it you can easely create grid of different buttons.


local pad ={
	w = 300, h = 300, -- pixel pad size
	rows = 3, -- number of rows
	columns = 3, -- number of columns
	color = 0x272727, -- background color
	margin = 4, -- margin from pad's cornders
	innerMargin = 2 -- margin between buttons inside

	x = 0, -- 0 based layout x index
	y = 0, -- 0 based layout y index
	scaleX = 4, -- textfiled scale x
	scaleY = 4, -- textfiled scale x
	bgColor = 0x323232, -- button bg color
	txtColor = 0xffffff, -- button text color
	name = "Erase", -- button name
	text = "<"  -- text to display

function padClick(e)
	local name = -- button name
	local btext = e.text -- button text
	print(name, btext)

-- handle click on button
pad:addEventListener("click", padClick)

Pad constructor (table):

	w (number): pixel width of the pad
	h (number): pixel height of the pad
	rows (number): number of rows 
	columns (number): number of columns
	texture (Texture): nine patch texture [optional]
	color (number): pad color [default: black]
	margin (number): margin (same for each side) [default: 0]
	innerMargin (number): button margin [default: 0]

Pad "addButton" params (table):

	x, y (number): The 0-based indexes of the column/row the button must be placed into
	gridwidth (number): The number of column this button will take [default: 1]
	gridheight (number): The number of row this button will take [default: 1]
	<Button params>

Button params (table):

	w (number): width of the button
	h (number): height of the button
	font (Font): font to use [optional]
	name (string): name of the button [optional]
	text (string): text to display [optional]
	texture (Texture): ninepatch texture to use [optional]
	txtColor (number): text color [default: black]
	bgColor (number): background color [default: black]
	offsetX (number): offset position by X [default: 0]
	offsetY (number): offset position by Y [default: 0]
	scaleX (number): text scale by Y [default: 1]
	scaleY (number): text scale by Y [default: 1]

Label params:

	font (Font): font to use [optional]
	text (string): text to display [optional]
	color (number): text color [default: black]
	x (number): initial x position
	y (number): initial y position
	scaleX (number): text scale by X
	scaleY (number): text scale by Y
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