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@UselessGuru UselessGuru released this Nov 13, 2018 · 32 commits to master since this release : SHA256 Hash cf439f5affccbf36314c0bea2f936ee32fd65b15985145c82755579c2ee84b3e

Please install into a new directory.

Please help support the great team behind MultiPoolMiner by leaving mining donations turned on.

Note: For best performance it is recommended to install the latest Nvidia drivers 4.x.x. Some miners have CUDA 10 as a pre-requisite.

Feature summary:

  • Monitors crypto mining pools and coins in real-time and finds the most profitable for your machine
  • Controls any miner that is available via command line
  • Supports benchmarking and multiple platforms (AMD, NVIDIA and CPU)
  • Includes Watchdog Timer to detect and handle miner failures

Install instructions:

  • Please ensure that you update to PowerShell 6.1
  • CCMiner may need MSVCR120.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll if you don't already have it. WARNING: DO NOT COPY/DOWNLOAD DLL FILES. USE MICROSOFT LINKS!
  • The start.bat files are examples of how you may run the script (and are editable in notepad). Amend the relevant file with your details prior to launching it. Advanced users can add more miners in the /Miners folder either as JSON or PS1.

Please see the README files for further instructions, sample usage, command line options and check FAQ before submitting bugs and feature requests in the issues section on Github.
Logs and Stats are produced in text format; use them when submitting issues.

Any bitcoin donations are greatly appreciated: 1MsrCoAt8qM53HUMsUxvy9gMj3QVbHLazH

Changes since v3.1.0:

Remove hacked package, replaced with original upload.

Changes since v3.0.1:

New features

  • Added algo CryptonightV8 to Start.bat
  • Added '-CreateMinerInstancePerDeviceModel' switch is supported by all miners (see readme). This also fixes #2192
  • Added '-UseDeviceNameForBenchmarkFileNaming' switch for alternate naming scheme for benchmark files (see readme)
  • Added 'ProfitPenaltyFactor' to correct overoptimistic pool estimates (see readme)
  • Added 'Start_all_Pools_all_Algos.bat' (not recommend for daily use, mining all algos/pools will reduce profitability)
  • Changed benchmarking loop interval duration. A minimum of 10 hashrate samples must be gathered per interval (#2026)
  • MPM makes miner and pool fees part of the profitability calculation. Added '-IgnoreFees' switch for more exact profit predictions (see readme).
  • Support for multiple MPM instances (Note: Each instance needs to be installed in a separate directory. Note: Do not share the GPUs between instances!)
  • Less miner debug output when miner windows are shown ('-ShowMinerWindow=$true'). MPM will print debug messages only for a miner running benchmarks.
  • All miner names changed as discussed in (#1931) and (#2199 (comment)).
    Note:This will trigger re-benchmarking of all algorithms!


  • Improved API with more up to date information for running & failed miners
  • Improved detection of failed miners (this also fixes #1968 & #1451)
  • Improved pool API request handling to fix 'Pool failed messages'
  • Made $Config.DeviceName dynamic, if config changes it will get applied on next run
  • MultiPoolMiner.ps1, allow for partially configured $Config.Pools entries. Required config items in $Config.Pools.[PoolName] (e.g. 'BTC') will inherit default values.
  • Pool balance queries are less likely to fail (try 3 times before giving up)
  • Pool files print message if no wallet address is available
  • Auto-reformat $Config.Region (will be set to what Get-Region returns)

Removed miners

  • PalginNvidia
  • Temporarily removed FireIce XmrStak [AMD only] - Support for version 2.5.1 will be re-added soon

Miner updates / new miners

  • AMD_NVIDIA-EthminerEthash_v0.16.1
  • AMD_NVIDIA-lolMinerEquihash_v0.5bugfix (
  • AMD_NVIDIA-lolMinerEquihash_v0.6alpha2
  • AMD_NVIDIA-PhoenixminerEthash_v3.5d
  • AMD-CastXmrVegaCryptonight_v1.50
  • AMD-SRBMinerCryptonight_v1.7.0
  • AMD-TeamRed_v0.3.7
  • AMD-WildRig_v0.12.7beta (
  • AMD-XmrigCryptonight to v2.8.4
  • AMD-ZjazzPhi2_v0.92 (
  • AMD-ZjazzX22i_v1.2
  • CPU-XmrigCryptonight to v2.8.3
  • NVIDIA-BMiner_v10.5.0
  • NVIDIA-CcminerSpMod-vgit11
  • NVIDIA-CcminerKlaust to v8.32
  • NVIDIA-CcminerTrex_v0.7.4 (CUDA 9.2 or 10.0); added timetravel algorithm
  • NVIDIA-CcminerZealot_v1.23
  • NVIDIA-CryptoDredge_v0.10.0 (CUDA 9.2 or 10.0)
  • NVIDIA-DSTMEquihash_v0.6.2
  • NVIDIA-Ewbf2Equihash_v0.6
  • NVIDIA-ExcavatorNHMP to v1.5.13a [works with Nicehash only]
  • NVIDIA-XmrigCryptonight_v2.8.4
  • NVIDIA-ZjazzX22i v1.2

Miner fixes / Enhancements

  • AMD-MkxminerLyra2RE2_v3.10, adjust intensity based on available memory, 2GB->21.5, 4GB->22; 8GB->23
  • CcminerPigeonCoin: Fixed polytimos algorithm
  • CPU-Cryply*, created separate instances per CPU feature set
  • CPU-Cryply*, miner will only be run if the required CPU feature set is present (requires CpuFeatureDetector.exe)
  • CPU-JayDee*, miner will only be run if the required CPU feature set is present (requires CpuFeatureDetector.exe)
  • CPU-Tprovot*, miner will only be run if the required CPU feature set is present (requires CpuFeatureDetector.exe)
  • Equihash miners are auto-coin switch ready if a pools supports it
  • Excavator & ExcavatorHNMP will close when no longer needed
  • For miners that have CUDA 9.2 AND 10.0 versions, MPM will download the matching version
  • NVIDIA-CcminerKlaust_v8.23-modr1, disabled broken algo 'Neoscrypt'
  • NVIDIA-CcminerTpruvot_v2.3, monero is not an algo, map monero to CryptonightV7

Pool changes

  • Added NLPool
  • Added regions to Zpool (North America 'na' - Europe 'eu' - South East Asia 'sea')
  • Added region 'eu' to BlockMaster
  • Added 'PayoutScheme' property to pools ("PPS" & "PPLNS")
  • Fixed Pool Balance query, it failed when the pool file for the same pool did not exist and no wallet information was configured in $Config.Pools.[PoolName]
  • Improved profit switching (pools with PPS payout scheme (e.g. NiceHash) always have SwitchingPrevention=1)
  • Removed Zergpool (pool is closed)
  • Zpool API requests go now over https

New algorithms:

  • BCD (BitCoinDiamond)
  • Bitcash
  • Cryptonight V8 variants
  • Cuckoo
  • Exosis
  • Lbk3 (CryptoDredge), used to mine Vertical VTL
  • X22i (algo is not yet available on any MPM included pools)

Other changes

  • Removed PWSH update in start bat files
  • Enabled donations for NVIDIA-Ewbf, NVIDIA-Ewbf2 and NVIDIA-BMiner (seems to be unfair stripping donations on a donation based project, furthermore disabling donation has a negative impact on miner speed)
  • Fixed downloader (failed to process archives containing subdirectories)
  • Reduced benchmarking interval for X16r from 10 to 5 times interval
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