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MultiPoolMiner V3 - Claymore / NiceHash / DSTM / FireIce-UK / XMRig

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Please help support the great team behind MultiPoolMiner by leaving mining donations turned on.

Recent changes since v3.5.2:

  • Finished device detection and removed the temporary manual ordering patch
  • Devices should now match task manager so check your config
  • Stats database is now cached to improve performance and support future development
  • All miner binaries are up-to-date

Feature summary:

  • Monitors crypto mining pools and coins in real-time and finds the most profitable for your machine
  • Controls any miner that is available via command line
  • Supports benchmarking and multiple platforms (AMD, NVIDIA and CPU)
  • Includes Watchdog Timer to detect and handle miner failures
  • Has an easy to use web interface to replace command-line interfaces

Install instructions:

  • Please ensure that you update to the latest version of PowerShell 6
  • CCMiner may need MSVCR120.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll if you don't already have it. WARNING: DO NOT COPY/DOWNLOAD DLL FILES. USE MICROSOFT LINKS!
  • The start.bat files are examples of how you may run the script (and are editable in notepad). Amend the relevant file with your details prior to launching it.

Please see the README files for further instructions, sample usage, command line options and check FAQ before submitting bugs and feature requests in the issues section on Github.
Logs and Stats are produced in text format; use them when submitting issues.

Any bitcoin donations are greatly appreciated: 1MsrCoAt8qM53HUMsUxvy9gMj3QVbHLazH