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A .Net wrapper for the MultiSafepay payments API. Provides support for all payment methods, Pay After Delivery and Fast Checkout.
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.Net wrapper for the MultiSafepay API

This wrapper simplifies working with the MultiSafepay API and allows you to integrate MultiSafepay within your .Net application.

About MultiSafepay

MultiSafepay is a collecting payment service provider which means we take care of the agreements, technical details and payment collection required for each payment method. You can start selling online today and manage all your transactions from one place.



Install-Package MultiSafepay


Setup the client for testing

var client = new MultiSafepayClient("API_KEY", "");

Get list of payment methods

var gateways = client.GetGateways(null, "EUR");

Creating a test order

var client = new MultiSafepayClient("API_KEY", "");
var order = new Order
                Type = OrderType.Redirect,
                OrderId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),
                GatewayId = "IDEAL",
                AmountInCents = 1066,
                CurrencyCode = "EUR",
                Description = ".Net wrapper test",
                PaymentOptions = new PaymentOptions("", "", ""),
                Customer = new Customer()
                    FirstName = "First Name",
                    LastName = "Last Name",
                    Country = "NL",
                    Locale = "EN",
                    Email = ""

var result = client.CustomOrder(order);

Click here for more examples.


If you have any issues, problems or questions you can create an issue on this repository or contact us at

Mistakes and improvements

If you spot mistakes or want to contribute in improving this wrapper, feel free to create pull requests

API Documentation

Click here for the MultiSafepay API documentation.


MIT License

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