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A Java based library for managing minecraft servers.
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MineControl is a java based library for managing minecraft servers via command line (webinterface, app and bukkit plugin - in future releases).

You want to work on the project with us?

No problem! MineControl is Open-Source (licence information follows), we'd really enjoy to work with you!

What you'll need?

You have to work with Linux OS, Java JDK 5 or greater, Git and Maven

  1. Fork the project on GitHub or check it out with git clone
  2. Move to the root of the project and call mvn clean install followed by mvn assembly:single to build the library
  3. Get the minecraft_server.jar and save it to the target directory
  4. Now call the minecontrol library java -jar minecontrol.jar <server> (start|stop|restart|status|pid)
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