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MultiBit configuration options

All these options are set in the main control file MultiBit looks in a few places for this file in the following order:

  1. Current working directory when launched. This is for backwards compatibility and for running from a USB drive.

  2. (Mac OS X only) Four directory levels up. This is for running from a USB drive, but outside the OSX .app directory.

  3. The operating system's standard application data directory:


  • System.getenv("APPDATA")/MultiBit
  • Example: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/MultiBit

Mac OS X

  • System.getProperty("user.home")/Library/Application Support/MultiBit
  • Example: /Users/jim/Library/Application Support/MultiBit


  • System.getProperty("user.home")/MultiBit
  • Example: /Users/jim/MultiBit

Wherever this file is found, that directory is used as the application data directory for Multibit.

Connect to specific peers

If you want to connect to specific peers set peers=<comma separated list of peers to connect to>

The list of peers can be specified using domain names ( or IP addresses. Example:


(The older property singleNodeConnection is still honoured but is now deprecated. Use 'peers' instead).

Note: ONLY these peers will be used for connections.


To use Testnet set testOrProductionNetwork=test.

To use Testnet3 (recommended) set testOrProductionNetwork=testnet3.