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Overview and General Info:

Civs is an advanced and powerful Town Management / RPG System plugin. Allowing server owners to transform their server's gameplay into a land of thriving metropolises and mighty empires. With wars, alliances and trades between players.

Civs is the re-written version of the classic plugins: HeroStronghold and Townships. Now supporting the newest version of Spigot (1.13.2 / 1.14.3). The possibilities with the extensive configuration system of Civs are endless, make your own buildings, classes and towns using the simple YAML files.

Supported Servers Versions:

  • Latest release supports: Spigot 1.13.2 / 1.14.x



  • /cv - opens the menu
  • /cv town [town name] - creates a town using the town type block you are holding at the location you are standing
  • /cv toggleann - toggles on/off the periodic hints in chat
  • /cv accept - Accepts a town invite
  • /cv bounty [player|town name] [amount] - Sets a bounty on a player or town
  • /cv newday - Runs a new day cycle (civs.admin permission required)
  • /cv really [old name] [new name] - Renames an alliance
  • /cv reload - Reloads Civs (civs.admin permission required)
  • /cv advancetut [player name] - Advances the player one step further on their current tutorial path.
  • /cv rename [old name] [new name] - Renames a town
  • /cv reset [player name] - Deletes all regions and removes all player data for that player (civs.admin permission required)
  • /cv sell [amount] - Sells the region you are standing in (only works on sellable regions ie: housing)
  • /cv tax [town name] [amount] - Sets the daily tax for the town (only available to certain government types)
  • /cv withdraw [amount] - Withdraws money from the town bank (only available to town owners)


  • civs.admin - Lets you bypass protections, override membership, and use other admin features of Civs
  • civs.join - Needed to join a town (defaults to true)
  • civs.choose - Needed to choose a class (not finished, defaults to true)
  • - Needed to buy civ items in the shop (defaults to true)
  • civs.create.admin_graveyard - Needed to buy an admin_graveyard region. (see item-types/admin-invisible/admin_graveyard.yml in the default configs)

The Team:

  • Multitallented - Lead Dev. (Discord: Private)
  • Louis - Docs and Test Server. (Discord: Louis Clockworker#3819)


Server Name Owner Version IP Address Discord Link
Vanguard Whisperer195 1.14.4
HollowSeas LoJoSho 1.14.4
- Multitallented 1.14.4 -
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