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Installation -> Basics -> Permissions -> Others?

NOTE: Are you looking for the List of all MV Permissions?

Multiverse Permissions Plugin Support

Multiverse supports any plugin that adheres to the SuperPerms Bukkit Permissions API. As of now (1/19/2012) these are: PermissionsBukkit, bPerms, PEX and GroupManager.

Multiverse World Permissions

Multiverse allows you to control who can enter worlds via permissions! When you create a world or import a world into Multiverse-Core, it automatically creates a permission: multiverse.access.WORLDNAME. If a player has multiverse.access.WORLDNAME, then they can enter that world.

NOTE: Ensure you have enforceaccess enabled in your Multiverse [[config.yml]]. If enforceaccess is set to false anyone can go to any world and all world-access permissions are ignored.

If you give a user multiverse.access.* they can go to all worlds.

About PermissionsBukkit

PermissionsBukkit is the Official Bukkit plugin to manage permissions using the new Permissions API. Other permission plugins will probably begin incorporating the API to manage your servers permissions, but for now the official plugin(PermissionsBukkit) is what we have. Luckily, there is a bridge included with PermissionsBukkit to satisfy plugins still requesting Permissions 2.7/3.1 and will bridge those requests through and handle them. The bridge is not required to use permissions with Multiverse 2.

PermissionsBukkit config.yml

NOTE: This is the config.yml that resides within the PermissionsBukkit folder!

Setting up the permissions in the config is pretty straight forward. You may find it similar to pre-1000 permission plugins. Here is an example config file which includes some permissions for Multiverse 2:

            - admin
                permissions.*: true
            - default
        build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'

With this setup, all users will have the ability to teleport themselves using the /mvtp command, while users assigned to the admin group will also have the ability create worlds. Notice also that the admin has permissions.*: true and therefore can use the PermissionsBukkit commands in game. This may be especially useful for Multiverse 2.

MV2 Permissions

You can use: multiverse.* to give someone all permissions for Multiverse. If you only want to give someone access to all worlds, use: multiverse.access.* for example.

Setting Permissions in game

Multiverse has the courtesy to show which permission node is needed for a command if you enter a /command and it fails due to permissions. Having this info readily available to you in the game can save you some time looking up the permission, and allow you to enter that permission into a group on the spot if need be. An admin can simply enter permissions in as you need them. For example you try to run /mvlist and oh my you dont have permission, but you will be notified that you need permission node. Entering

/perm group setperm admin multiverse.core.list true

will add the permission to your admin group and viola! you have permission to use that command. MV has a lot of commands and permissions, so adding them in a need-to-use basis can sometimes be easier.

Setting OP's

OP's by default have all the Multiverse permissions set to true. So the easiest way to give your admins all the Multiverse permissions is to just make them OP. Of course, this may not be the best option for everyone.

Sample Access Permissions Transcript

A lot of people seem to have trouble understanding how the access permissions work. This is an actual transcript of me (@FernFerret) playing on a test server, and typing exactly what happened. Whenever you see a > that means that I typed a command in the console.

11:18:38 [INFO] [world2]<fernferret> I do not have multiverse.core.list.worlds, I can't see any worlds
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.core.list.worlds true
11:18:59 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.core.list.worlds = true.
11:19:15 [INFO] [world2]<fernferret> cool. I can see the world list, but there are 0 worlds listed
>perm player setperm fernferret true    
11:19:32 [INFO] Player fernferret now has = true.
11:19:42 [INFO] [world2]<fernferret> sweet. Now I can see the world 'world'
11:20:08 [INFO] [world2]<fernferret> I can't TP there though, I don't have *any* multiverse.teleport.X perm nodes
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.teleport.self.* true 
11:20:26 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.teleport.self.* = true.
11:20:38 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> woo I'm in 'world'
11:20:54 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> now I can't tp to 'world' again, i need the spawn.self perm...
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.core.spawn.self true
11:21:05 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.core.spawn.self = true.
11:21:18 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> woo! now i'm at spawn!!!!!!111!
11:21:31 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> but I can't go back to world2...
11:21:34 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> I need some perms!
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.access.world2 true  
11:21:44 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.access.world2 = true.
11:21:56 [INFO] [world2]<fernferret> hellz yea!!!!111! world2!!
11:24:05 [INFO] [world2]<fernferret> hmm ok, let's not give me the exact teleport perm... i'll test now!
11:24:15 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> ow...
11:24:20 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> i'm underground somewhere
11:24:25 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> the exact perm is dangerous
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.teleport.self.e false
11:24:40 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.teleport.self.e = false.
11:24:51 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> I went back to spawn
11:25:26 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> ok. I gave myself the false exact perm
11:25:36 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> but that gets checked _after_ the higher perm
11:25:48 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> so I  need to deny myself the parent, and just give myself the child perms
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.teleport.self.* false
11:26:14 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.teleport.self.* = false.
11:26:24 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> ok. I have no tp perms again.
11:26:35 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> now i'll _just_ give myself the ones I want, world and player
>perm player setperm fernferret multiverse.teleport.self.w true 
11:26:41 [INFO] Player fernferret now has multiverse.teleport.self.w = true.
>perm player setperm fernferret true
11:26:47 [INFO] Player fernferret now has = true.
11:26:55 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> oh, and cannon! cannons are awesome!
>perm player setperm fernferret true
11:27:00 [INFO] Player fernferret now has = true.
11:27:15 [INFO] [world]<fernferret> weeeeeeeeeeeee (shot out of cannon)

Installation -> Basics -> Permissions -> Others?

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