Enchants lost when plugin reloads #122

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Assume two worlds with inventories separated by MVInv: W1 and W2.

Assume I have enchanted items in my inventory (enderchest included) on W1.

If the plugin reloads (via /reload, /mv reload, or server restart) while I am in W2, any enchants in my inventory on W1 will be lost.

My guess is that when the plugin persists objects to disk (on plugin disable) it doesn't save the enchants along with the items.

Which version of Bukkit and Multiverse-Inventories are you using? I believe this issue was fixed in rev311. Could you test this with the latest dev build and see if you still have the problem?

We haven't upgraded to 1.4.6 yet, will report back when we do.

I am on 1.4.6 build 2584 on dev build 322 of multi inv and the issue is stil happening i am getting reports left and right of lost enchants and also cutsom mob heads going default and fireworks defaulting as well.
http://pastebin.com/SD2VANeY - mv inv config

I guess it isn't fixed yet, I also had the issue now. It happened when I used /mvtp to switch worlds. At the same time I got the following error: http://pastebin.com/LXBJMezB
Seems to be the same issue as #120, #113 and #118

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